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Aciloc 300mg

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If you have acid problems in your stomach then aciloc 300 mg is best medicine for acid purchase aciloc 300mg from online drug pharmacy in USA.

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Cadila Pharmaceuticals, India
Usa Brand
Generic Name
  SKU No.   MED1006
  USA Brand Name   Zantac
  Generic Name   Ranitidine
  Strength   300mg
  Manufacturer   Cadila Pharmaceuticals, India



Brand Name

Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

What Is The Generic Name Of Aciloc- 300mg?

The generic name of Aciloc- 300mg is Ranitidine.

US Brands Equivalent To Aciloc 300mg (Ranitidine):

There are a number of drugs equivalent to Aciloc-300mg that are available in the markets of USA. These drugs are easily available via online pharmacy, drugstore, and medical store. Some of the US equivalents of Aciloc-300mg are:

  • Histac

  • Tidac

  • Monorin

  • Ranitin

  • Acidom

About Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

Aciloc- 300 mg is an antacid, anti-reflux, and anti-ulcerative. It is manufactured by Cadila Pharmaceuticals and is available online, at leading Drug stores and medical supply shops. It is also available internationally by other names.

Manufacturer of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

It is manufactured by Cadila Pharmaceuticals and is available easily at online pharmacies, leading drugstores and all medical supply stores.

Strength of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

Aciloc is available in the strength of 300 mg.

Uses of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

Aciloc is used to treat various conditions like-

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease

  • Peptic ulcer

  • Erosive esophagitis

  • Zollinger Ellison syndrome (excessive acid production by stomach)

How Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine) Works?

Aciloc- 300mg works by reducing the acid production. It is a histamine receptor antagonist. It doesn’t neutralise the acid produced instead reduces the production, thus relieving the patient.

Before You Use Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

The drug Aciloc can be taken with or without food, but it is prescribed to take the drug at a fixed time daily. Before starting with the drug therapy, it is recommended to:

  • Inform your doctor about any allergic reactions.

  • Tell your doctor if you are on any other medications especially anticoagulants.

  • Tell your doctor about your history of kidney or liver disease.

  • Inform the physician if you plan on conception or being pregnant.

What Should I Avoid While Taking Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)?

  • Consult your doctor and follow his advice regarding meals and dosage.

  • Alcohol intake should be avoided with Aciloc- 300mg

When Not To Use Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)?

This drug should not be taken in conditions like-

  • Allergic reaction to Aciloc- 300mg

  • Porphyria (hereditary disease)

  • Gastric cancer

  • Liver or kidney disease

  • Gastrointestinal hemorrhage

  • Gastrointestinal perforation or obstruction

Tell Your Doctor If You:

Have an allergic reaction after taking Aciloc-300mg or if any of the side effects occur.

Dosage of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

The dosage of the drug varies according to the disease as well as the age-

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease-

    • Adults: 300 mg twice per day.

    • Children: 5-10mg/kg body weight per day in two divided doses per day.

  • Erosive esophagitis-

    • Adults: 300mg four times a day.

    • Children: 5-10mg/kg body weight in two divided doses per day.

  • Hypersecretory conditions

    • Adults: 159mg twice per day.

    • Children: consult the doctor.

Aciloc- 300mg is a tablet which is taken orally with or without meals.

How Much Of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine) To Use?

It should be taken for as long as prescribed. It is either prescribed for short term or long term, if not followed then it might cause serious implications.

How To Take Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)?

  • Swallow Aciloc- 300mg as a whole.

  • Do not chew, crush or break it.

For How Long Should I Continue Using it?

One should take Aciloc- 300mg as long as directed by the doctor.

Overdose Of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

In case of an overdose, immediately call the doctor and consult.

Missed Dose of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

Consult your doctor. If a dose is missed, the effect of the drug might decrease as a certain amount of medication needs to be in the body at all times to be effective.

Side Effects Of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

Side effects of the drug include-

  • Diarrhoea

  • Headache

  • Dizziness

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Stomach pain

  • Rarely it can cause mental confusion and difficulty in breathing

Common Drug Interactions with Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

Aciloc- 300mg should be avoided with some drugs as it decreases its absorption or causes other problems

  • Delavirdine- decreases its effect

  • Procainamide, Warfarin, Midazolam, Triazolam, Glipizide - increases the chances of side effects.

  • Atazanavir and Gefitinib make Aciloc-300mg less effective.

Warnings and Precautions for Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

  • Aciloc-300mg should only be taken when prescribed by the doctor, and the full course should be taken for the specified time.

  • Inform your doctor about-

  • Any liver or kidney disease.

  • History of porphyria.

  • Allergic reaction.

  • Avoid alcohol intake.

  • History of any other medications, especially anticoagulants.

Things To Remember While Taking Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

  • Always consult your doctor before taking the medication.

  • Take it for the prescribed time, and the full course should be taken.

  • All the instructions of the doctor are to be followed regarding the meals, alcohol intake and other medications

Indications And Usage of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

Aciloc- 300mg is widely used and is available online, at leading drugstores and all medical supply stores. It is used treat stomach or duodenal ulcer, erosive esophagitis, oesophagitis reflux disease, and hypersecretory disorders like Zollinger Ellison syndrome.

Dosage And Administration of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

  • Follow the dose prescribed by your doctor according to the disease and your age.

  • It should be taken orally with or without meals.

  • Swallow Aciloc- 300mg as a whole without chewing, crushing or breaking it.

Recommended Dose of Aciloc- 300mg (Ranitidine)

To avoid side effects, use Aciloc- 300mg according to the prescribed dose.

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