Anti Viral

Anti Viral

Antiviral drugs are the medicines used to treat the infections that are caused by the viruses. The virus is the small infectious agents that can infect all the forms of life. Antiviral drugs inhibit the development of pathogens and it does not destroy the pathogens.

Common Viral Diseases

1. Chicken Pox - It is a viral infection that is characterized as a skin rash that causes small and itchy blisters. It is a disease that spreads easily through a cough and sneezes of the infected person. The symptoms of this disease disappear in five to seven days and other than rashes, symptoms include tiredness, fever, headache etc..

2. Chikungunya - It is an infection that is caused by the chikungunya virus and usually occurs ten to twelve days after the exposure to the virus. It causes fever and joint pain and the joint pain due to this disease lasts for months. Some of the symptoms of this disease include swelling joints, rash, headache, muscle pain etc..

3. Common cold - Common cold is a most common viral infectious disease. This disease primarily affects the nose but throat, sinuses are also infected. The symptoms of this last for few days and some of the common symptoms of common cold are coughing, runny nose, sneezing, fever etc.. The symptoms of this disease are mainly due to the weak immune system that fails to function properly.

4. Measles - It is a highly contagious disease that is characterized by the red rash that usually starts from the face and later spreads throughout the body. It is caused by the measles virus and the symptoms of this disease develop ten to twelve days after the exposure. Inflamed eyes, cough, fever, runny nose etc. are some of the common symptoms of measles.

Types of Viral Infections

  • Viral Respiratory Infections - It affects the lungs, nose, and throat.
  • Viral skin infections - It causes single or multiple papules on the skin.
  • Sexually transmitted viral infections - This type of infection spread through the sexual contact with an infected person.


Preventive Measures

  • Avoid direct contact with an infected people
  • Get vaccinated
  • Do not use used syringes
  • Do not use contaminated food and water



There are many types of viral infections and the medicines are suggested depending on the type of viral infection. Some of the antiviral drugs include

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