Antibiotics are a group of medicines that fight against the bacterial infections trying to cause harm to the body parts, such as ear, throat, teeth, lungs, heart, skin, and gastrointestinal tract. 


Bacterial infection causes a rapid multiplication of harmful strains of bacteria inside the body that may make the human immune system weak. Antibiotic medicines act like a weapon for the human immune system to fight against the infection. This way these medicines strengthen our immune system.


These medicines are often recommended to consume twice in a day but the dose may change as per the severity of the patient and strength of the medicines. Bacterias during bacterial infection get their strength from the protein present in the body. Preventing them from being strong will also help the body to fight against it.


Antibiotics work by stopping the bacteria from utilizing proteins that are necessary for the bacteria to survive and perform important functions. By doing so, it prevents the  infection-causing bacteria from growing further and prevents the infection from spreading.


Here are various medicines that also work on a special type of bacterial infection that forms a bacterial protective covering(cell wall). Here you will find every type of antibiotic medicines according to the bacterial infection severity.

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