Antifungal drugs are used to treat and prevent antifungal infections. These medications are also known as antimycotic medications. Fungal infections are considered as one of the major cause of many diseases.

Fungal diseases

1. Cryptococcal meningitis

Cryptococcal meningitis is a life threatening fungal disease. It is caused by one of the two species, Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii and It is the infection of the meninges, the three membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord. This disease chiefly occurs in the united states and it can result in the tumors in the lungs and it can also spread to the brain. Fever, fatigue, dry cough, headache, blurred vision, confusion are some of the symptoms of this fungal infection.

2. Aspergillosis

Aspergillosis includes the diseases that is caused by the infection of the fungi, aspergillus. People who are with the deficient immune system are more likely to get attacked by this disease. Aspergillosis occurs when the immune system fails to prevent the aspergillus spores from entering the bloodstream. Aspergillus enters through the lungs. Fever, shock, chilis, blood clots are some of the symptoms of this disease. Aspergillosis is also associated with the risk of developing kidney failure, jaundice, breathing difficulties etc.. In severe cases death can also occur.

3. Candidiasis

Candidiasis is another fungal infection that affects the mouth and it is commonly known as thrush. It is caused by candida and it is characterized as a white patch on the tongue and other areas of the mouth and throat. It also leads to soreness and problems in swallowing. Infections in the mouth are commonly seen in children and it is mostly due to the weak immune system. It can also affect the vagina and is known as the yeast infection and it includes symptoms such as burning, itching, white discharge from the vagina. There are some factors that increase the risk of candidiasis and some of them include stress, diabetes, nutritional diabetes etc..

4. Sporotrichosis

It is a fungal disease that usually affects the skin and in the rare conditions lungs, bones, brain, and joints are attacked. It is also known as rose gardener's disease and this infection is caused by the fungus sporothrix. It is a slowly progressive disease and it causes complications with the weak immune system.

Classes of Antifungals

  • Polyene antifungals
  • Imidazole, triazole, and thiazole antifungals
  • Allylamines
  • Echinocandins

Preventive measures

  • Maintain hygiene
  • Keep your skin clean and dry
  • Avoid sitting in wet clothes

Antifungals Treatment

There are many antifungal medications that are used to treat fungal infections. These are known to be effective drugs. Some of the antifungal medicines are

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