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  1. Unsuccessful Labour – Your Guide Through A Miscarriage (Part 2)

    Unsuccessful Labour – Your Guide Through A Miscarriage (Part 2)

    If a woman experiences a miscarriage she is surely receptive to the physical and mental difficulties that may happen during this time. If reports are to be believed, numerous women have intricacies during a miscarriage. For instance, conditions like unnecessary injury, diseases, or depression could take place. During the first-trimester, unsuccessful labors are uncomplicated, this is from a health perspective.

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  2. Unsuccessful Labour – Your Guide Through A Miscarriage (Part 1)

    Unsuccessful Labour – Your Guide Through A Miscarriage (Part 1)

    Premature delivery i.e. miscarriage is a term used for a pregnancy that gets damaged. This happens within the first twenty to twenty-two weeks of the gestation period. The medicinal terms acclimated to this misfortune gives most women discomfort and fear. Here we have mentioned a few aspects that aspiring mothers can go through and make sure the health of the baby and the mother herself is properly taken care of.

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  3. Say Yes To Gorgeousness With Mulberry Tea

    Say Yes To Gorgeousness With Mulberry Tea

    Considered a superfood, the tea appears to deliver a wide range of health benefits that will help you look and feel elevated and relaxed. Produced using the leaves of Mulberry trees, mulberry tea is hailed as a superfood for its nutrient-rich properties which contain an assortment of noteworthy supplements and cell reinforcements, the tea is known to restrain the body's assimilation of starches. This component is used to settle blood glucose levels in diabetic patients as well.

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  4. Smoking Nicotine Free? They Are Not Safe Either!

    Smoking Nicotine Free? They Are Not Safe Either!

    Nicotine-Free cigarettes are typically a cigarette-like item that uses herbs and elective fixings whilst maintaining a strategic distance from the use of tobacco. Organizations brag that their items are not vasoconstrictor and are more secure than a cigarette with nicotine. A few companies promote that these items encourage people to stop smoking. But that may not be the case.

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  5. Menstrual Period And Sex –Doubts Answered!

    Menstrual Period And Sex –Doubts Answered!

    Period or Menstrual flow happens once in a month or within a cycle of 28 days during. Unless it causes uneasiness and agony, there's no reason to abstain from having intercourse during this time. Both the partners are safe. Having intercourse during periods is completely protected, however, it may get messy normally. It’s still best to stay prepared. Letting your partner know of the situation and staying clear will protect you from playing off guard. Make sure they understand.

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  6. It's Okay To Cry!

    It's Okay To Cry!

    Tears are a characteristic reaction people bring out of an assortment of feelings, together with dissatisfaction, misery, and euphoria. Anyway, do tears have any medical advantages? It isn't weird to cry, and people cry every day, nothing abnormal about that. What’s abnormal is not crying and keeping regression inside. Curiously, humans are the sole creatures who are known to shed tears.

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  7. Say Yes To Zumba– Burn Calories Better

    Say Yes To Zumba– Burn Calories Better

    Zumba is one of the standard exercises these days because of a reasonable reason. There are a lot of advantages of Zumba such as its capacity to burn extra calories, working out of the entire body, better digestion, help in temperament changes, bring out confidence along with boosting metabolism rates. There are 9 unique standard classes of the Zumba work out regime, that helps people of all ages to improve their overall working capacities.

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  8. Treat Tongue Blisters With Care

    Treat Tongue Blisters With Care

    Your tongue may seem to be a normal organ of your body, however, it has a significant job in your day to day existence. The power of speech and taste is an essential factor of your general wellbeing. Being an organ of the mouth and shielded most of the time, the tongue may also face certain health conditions that may bother its functions. To be precise, sores and blisters are common anomalies that may hinder the functionality of the tongue.

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  9. 5 Amazing Facts On Babies You Didn’t Know

    5 Amazing Facts On Babies You Didn’t Know

    Maternal reassurances given to a baby during stressful time enables the baby to have a larger brain than the ones who are deprived of the nurturing and care. Stress modulation and memory retention are all regulated by the hippocampus of the brain, which is found to be physically larger and helps in the development in children who consistently receive life support and care from their mothers, particularly during stressful situations.

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  10. Treating Cancer With Hyperthermia

    Treating Cancer With Hyperthermia

    Hyperthermia (otherwise called a form of thermotherapy) is a sort of cancer treatment in which the body tissue is subjected to high temperatures (up to 113°F). Research has demonstrated that extreme temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells, but while damaging other tissue cells, however, there is no major damage. This procedure of killing cancer cells also reduces the proteins that cause it and shrinks the tumors. This procedure is still under study and clinical trials have been made to assure that the outcomes are positive. 

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