10 Foods That Increase Libido For Upgrading Sex Drive

Libido Meaning:

If you are here, chances are that last night you purposely drifted off to sleep while your girl was all dressed up and fragrant in her best lingerie, right next to you in bed. Or maybe you are just mad at the fact that the last hook up you had at a club bleakly ended up leaving you with a suggestion to level up. Don't worry, mate! We understand that you are currently low on libido but let us tell you that since you are already here, things will get good again soon.

Libido is a person’s desire for sexual activity. Sexual desires are essential for maintaining intimate relations and a loss of desire can negatively affect the relationship. Change or loss of sexual desire can be due to several factors which can be categorized as biological, social, and psychological. 

Many kinds of research have revealed the different types of activities that can boost sexual drive, like exercising. The diet pattern and the type of food being consumed can also impact the libido - both in positive and negative ways. 

Here are the 10 Foods that can boost libido: 

1. Watermelon: Also referred to as “natural viagra” or “viagra food”, this could just be the sweetest libido booster that there is. Watermelon contains citrulline which helps the body to relax the blood vessels and improve blood flow to the sex organs, which further enhances arousal. It can also help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction through improved blood circulation. 

2. Dark Chocolate: Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which helps in releasing endorphins and dopamine which are the same chemicals released after a healthy workout. The L-arginine present in chocolate can work as an effective sex-enhancer as it increases the sensation and desire in both men and women. For the best results, unsweetened chocolate is preferred with at least 60-70 percent of cocoa.

3. Walnuts: Walnuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which help to boost the dopamine levels and also increase the production of nitric oxide which improves the blood circulation in the body. They also improve fertility and the quality of sperm. Walnuts are also known as the ‘powerhouse of magnesium’, and magnesium is the element responsible for increasing testosterone levels in men. 

4. Pomegranates: Consuming pomegranates or drinking a daily glass of pomegranate juice can uplift the libido. A study signifies that pomegranate can raise testosterone levels and improve the mood in both men and women. A higher testosterone level can stimulate the sex drive and lower the blood pressure. 

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5. Spinach: While it’s an excellent source of nitric oxide in the body, the blood flow improves throughout the body and in the sex organs. This helps in getting healthy erections in men. It works in the same way a Viagra does - the magnesium present in it helps to improve blood flow and leads to arousal. 

6. Chilli peppers: Peppers have Capsaicin as an ingredient which can relax your arteries and boost the endorphins. It improves the blood flow to the body parts including the sex organs and healthy blood flow can be quite generous for the libido. And yet it’s just another way to spice up the bedroom!

7. Broccoli and celery: Broccoli has high vitamin C content, which is an important element in enhancing blood circulation in the body. It helps in removing the excess estrogen and increase testosterone levels. It can improve libido in men and women both. 

Celery contains most of the essential minerals (Zinc, sodium, and iron) including Vitamin A, B, and C, which makes it a healthy food choice for boosting the sex life while maintaining physical well-being.

8. Eggs: While most people love to have eggs in their breakfast, there’s more to it than just the high amount of proteins. Eggs are also a great source of stamina with low-calorie content. They contain amino acid L-arginine that can improve a number of health problems related to heart and erectile dysfunction. 

9. Saffron: Originated in Greece, saffron was used for medical purposes to enhance libido and improve memory. Saffron is a natural aphrodisiac and significantly improves erectile function and enhance the sex drive. 

10. Beetroot: Consuming beetroot is associated with better blood pressure and the nitrates present in beetroot helps to reduce the oxygen uptake which enhances the sexual stigma. The nitrates convert into nitrate oxide which is responsible for improving the blood flow in the sex organs. Improved blood flow is associated with a better erectile function and sex drive. 

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