15 Things That Women Want Men To Know In Bed

Understanding a woman ain’t an easy thing, isn’t it? This is the opinion of the majority of men out there in the world. But, trust me if you have ever been into some serious kind of relationship, you might be knowing when women say one thing and expect the other. 

There are situations when your female companions don’t express what they wish due to some reasons. 

She might think that “you’ll never understand” or “there’s no point explaining some point further” or other similar reasons.

Well, do you know what your girl secretly wants in bed? This isn’t a big mystery! Keep things smooth and try harder so that it is pleasurable for both of you - not only in bed but also outside it. Keep this thing in mind and help your relationship attain new heights.


1. Watch Out Her Non-verbal Signs

Sadly, many men don't know how to turn on their partner. Woman wants her man to understand her indications. Communicate with her, but don’t forget to watch out the bodily gestures like deep breathing, moaning, enhanced lubrication etc. 

When you are uncertain about any of the cues, put your awkwardness aside and just ask - “How do you feel”, “Does it hurt?”, or “Do you like that move”. 

Sometimes a girl is too shy to speak up how she feels and would be glad that you’ve asked and taken the first step.

Similarly, if you are not quite sure whether your partner would like a move or an act - the best thing would be “to ask”, and end your confusion. Remember not to do anything without her consent.


2. Foreplay And Afterplay - Don’t Miss Them!

Men have a perception that making out is mostly about penetration. But for women, “sex is not just about penetration, but a combination of the physical and emotional act”. Due to this, foreplay and afterplay are very significant and a guy needs to take care of that.

Most women want lengthy foreplay and afterplay that would be a warm-up for sexual intercourse. Men can do cuddlings, kisses, be flirty and alleviate the mood of their partner... 

Women feel abandoned in case of missing foreplay and afterplay - so never do that!


3. Explore Habitually Ignored Hot Spots

Woman wants the man to explore her all over with his fingers, and make it pleasurable for both of them. For example - finding the G-spot could be fun, adventure, and mutual exploration for the mates. 


4. Use Your Hands

Using your hands to fondle the sensual spots of your partner. Penetration alone would not be a good idea, so keep your fingers busy and satisfy your partner this way. Watch videos, try something new and surprise your girl every time.


5. Talk Dirty

Every woman wants to feel hot, loved, desired, and appreciated. They wish to know how you are feeling about them and what of their moves is turning you on. Some women like their man to talk dirty, while others prefer them to be romantic or descriptive. Know what they want and act accordingly.


6. Take Care Of Her Needs

It's commonly observed that when men finish, they just walk over. You need to control this urge and give time to your partner to relax and enjoy. Before you walk off, remember that they have an orgasm too and it's your responsibility to take care of their sexual needs.

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7. Be Spontaneous

Women like spontaneous men who surprise them now and then. You can buy things like lingerie, a silk robe, knee-high socks or a racy nightie. When she will come to know you’ve bought such a thing for her while thinking about how hot and stunning she’ll look in it, she will be inspired to surprise you with kinky stuff the next time.


8. Try Different Sex Positions

Many women reported that they want their man to come up with new hot sexual positions. The same position every time can make sex boring. 

Most of the guys fail to understand this and think that their woman is not that interested as she used to be earlier. 


9. Eye Contact Is The Key

Sex is way too sexier when couples are intimate, kissing each other, maintaining eye contact and calling each other with cute names. It makes everything so enthusiastic and that is very exciting. Kissing while making out is sexy! Kiss her neck, shoulders, and other sensual spots.


10. Go Down On Her

Yes, go down on her. He will love this gesture of yours and love you more passionately. Kiss a trail from her forehead to feet. She will be mesmerized by this move.


11. Take Control

Women like their men dominating during sex (but not in daily lives, extremely sorry guys!). It produces a distinct fantasy that is so, so addictive…

Sometimes, she may wish to dominate. Just get on with it, and go with the flow. Swapping the roles would create a thrilling experience for both of you, and you will not get bored easily.


12. Make Out In Front Of The Mirror

This might sound strange to some of you, but everyone, at some point in their life must have thought about how it appears while making out. This is the reason why sex in front of the mirror is tantalizing.


13. Don’t Disrespect Her

Most guys forget the boundaries while having sex, and this is a major turn off for every girl. All you can do is - talk with her, use safe words, make her feel that you’ll never do any act without her consent. Be polite and respectful always.


14. Identify The Right Pace And Rhythm

Research says that it takes at least 20 minutes for an average woman to get fully aroused. Men, on the other hand, can get sexually aroused in just a fraction of that time. 

Of course, these time estimates may not be the same with every individual. Don’t be too harsh. Identify the correct pace and rhythm and act accordingly. 

Bear in mind that vaginal tissues are extremely sensitive and may react adversely to an aggressive or harsh touch.


15. Talk It Out And Plan Ahead

Many couples lack bedroom communication. Sex is more of a physical thing, but you cant overlook the significance of verbal communication. 

Discuss with your girl about her likes, dislikes, things she is crazy about, things that turn her on or off etc. 

Sometimes, a girl is too shy to speak up. In that case, toss a glass of wine and light up the situation. 


Dating a woman is fine… but how well do you know about her sexual needs? The points mentioned in this article are well researched and would definitely be a great help for all the guys wanting to keep their girl happy and satisfied.






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