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  1. Is Salt Bad For You?

    Is Salt Bad For You?

    The question if salt is bad for us or not is a very valid question that one should talk about. It is important so that the average person who is eating their meals and living their lives can know what to do and not worry about this thing that just would not die. Millions of people limit their salt intake and their diet is so bland and boring that they hate it. This is because they believe they should limit their salt.

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  2. Get To Know About Annatto

    Get To Know About Annatto

    Annatto is a plant known for its medicinal and restorative properties. The seed and leaves are utilized to prepare medicines. Individuals consume annatto for diabetes, controlling excessive bowel movements, fevers, acid reflux, intestinal sickness, and hepatitis. They conjointly use it as an inhibitor and digestion inducing chemical. Annatto is also used as a bowel cleanser and as an antioxidant.

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  3. Preterm Labor And Betnesol Injection- Do They Relate?

    Preterm Labor And Betnesol Injection- Do They Relate?

    Pregnant women are always at risk of preterm labor. Preterm labor usually leads to problems of the heart, lungs, and brain in a newborn. Drugs available these days can help reduce the chances of preterm labor and doctors are considering them to a large extent. One such drug is the betnesol injection, given to a new mother and expecting mother.

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  4. Cheat Days – Your Friend Or Foe?

    Cheat Days – Your Friend Or Foe?

    It's a decent image to arrange that a cheat meal at the end of the week or in a social event. By thinking of your cheat feast, you recognize what you'll be utilizing and would perhaps cut a few additional calories prior, during the day. Burgers, pizza, frozen yogurt, chocolate, sodas, liquor, you're permitted to eat anything on this one day. Yet, are cheat days extremely something worth being thankful for in the event that you need to shed pounds?

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  5. Donate Blood – It Saves Your Life Too!

    Donate Blood – It Saves Your Life Too!

    Giving blood will encourage in treating patients suffering from malignant growth, sickle cell anemia, red platelet iron deficiency, and option inherited blood irregularities. Human blood can't be made, the body itself is the sole supplier which is the reason it's critical to produce blood and help those that need it. It is furthermore feasible to store your very own blood for your future needs. Make certain the blood is kept at a fair blood donation center.

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  6. Know The Importance of Brushing Hair

    Know The Importance of Brushing Hair

    If old hair care remedies are to be believed, brushing your hair more than five times a day can keep your hair sound, shiny, and healthy. You can promote your hair to grow by thoroughly brushing and combing it because this process extricates and removes dead skin from the scalp. It will part any obstructed pores which will block the hair development. 

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  7. A Traditional Remedy– Marula Oil

    A Traditional Remedy– Marula Oil

    The variation of healthy properties of Marula Oil is available as fine wine or olive oil. They all incorporate one natural ingredient. However, the sources, process methodologies and cost of what is available differ to a great extent. There are indispensable varieties between various assortments, origin, extraction and cleansing techniques of Marula Oil. It has been showing healthy characteristics some of which have been listed below.

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  8. Pregnancy Brain - Mother’s Face A Tough Time

    Pregnancy Brain - Mother’s Face A Tough Time

    Baby brain or a pregnancy brain is when you enter a room full of stuff, and not realizing what you went there for. This may happen to you ten times a day. Not only practical but also evolutionary aspects can be related to the pregnancy brain. From an evolutionary standpoint, the memory impairment that challenges a pregnant woman's formative abilities may be helpful in a way so that women will forget about other stuff focusing on the wellbeing of the child.

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  9. Infection of The Male Reproductive Organ - Balanitis

    Infection of The Male Reproductive Organ - Balanitis

    Balanitis is a condition that shows inflammation of the glans, or head of the penis, because of contamination or any other reason. Balanitis is not a bearable condition and causes excruciating pain, but it isn't a worrisome disease. It tends to be moderated with a topical prescription. It is a standard condition, affecting nearly one in every twenty-five young men and 1 out of thirty uncircumcised men at a point in their life. It is apparently caused if there's phimosis, a condition that causes the skin of the penis to tighten.

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  10. Longan Fruit – Administered To Counter Health Issues

    Longan Fruit – Administered To Counter Health Issues

    Longan is a delectable fruit that contains age reducing properties, properties that improve the skin, sustains the blood, will build dissemination, and upgrades memory. The fruit epitomizes boosting the sensory system, increasing invulnerability, bringing down circulatory strain, quieting the body, and improving rest quality. In Chinese antiquated drugs, it is utilized to broaden the vitality of the heart.

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