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  1. What To Do When Someone Has Panic Attack Before You

    tips to handle panic attack

    A panic attack is a cause of sudden intense fear that triggers various physical reactions despite no real danger or actual cause. This attack turns out to be a panic disorder when a person has experienced continuous unexpected panic attacks and still has a fear of experiencing another for a long period of time. Many people get frightened because of such attacks thinking that it is a heart attack but thats, not the case. A panic attack can frighten you but they are not life-threatening but can significantly affect your quality of life(mental peace). Hence, it is very important to identify the signs and symptoms of a panic attack.

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  2. Avoiding Beard Problems The Right Way

    Tips for beard care

    Growing a beard initially seems easy. You just stop shaving and watch the #beard gang as you become a part of. But it's not as carefree as it would seem. Growing and maintaining a great beard requires some effort and awareness if the common beard problems are to be avoided. A beard is a hair that grows on humans and some non-human animals on the chin, upper lip, cheeks, and neck. 

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  3. COVID 19 Hotspots In The US- Places Where You Need To Be More Careful

    Coronavirus hotspots in the US

    An infectious disease, Coronavirus disease(COVID-19) has recently been affecting a number of people as for now. The recovery rate is comparatively less than the infecting rate. Therefore, the number of cases is still increasing with time. While in some cases, people are getting affected by the virus, but they don't require any medical treatment to cure the infection. Such people act as a carrier, they might not get affected by it, but they may transmit the virus to others either through coughs, sneeze, droplets, or exhales.

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    obesity during lockdown

    The goal of obesity treatment is to reach and stay at a healthy weight and give a solution to the question, how to lose weight. This improvises your overall health condition and lowers your risk of developing complications that are related to obesity. You may need to work with a team of health professionals, including a dietitian, a behavioural counsellor or an obesity specialist, so that they can help you understand better and make changes in your eating and in your activity habits. 

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  5. If You are Suffering From These Diseases, COVID 19 Is a Bigger Threat For You

    diseases that are more vulnerable to coronavirus

    Many people may get infected because of it and manage to recover without any special treatment even after experiencing mild to moderate respiratory illness. But this is not the same for older adults, especially people suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer, etc. This article is all about those diseases that trigger Coronavirus and may lead to COVID-19. The ideal way to deal with this virus is to know about its disease and ways to prevent it. This article is especially for the people who are already suffering from some of the unhealthy health conditions.


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  6. Autism Test That You Just Should not Miss

    tests recommended for autism

    Children diagnosed with ASD seem to live in their own world and they lack social awareness. A child with this disorder focuses on following a routine that may include normal behaviours. So, do you fear that your child might have ASD? This article would even highlight the measures, which you can take into consideration to alleviate the symptoms, and some treatments as well.

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  7. 10 Healthy tips for a better man

    tips for men health

    Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is a rule that must be followed by all men. A balanced diet has multiple aspects and nutrients in it.  Saturated fats must be less than seven per cent of the total calories ingested, hence making the diet low in fat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential aspect of a healthy diet with at least two cups of fruits and three cups of vegetables per day for men before the age of 50. 

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  8. Will The Coronavirus Ever Go Away

    coronavirus update- will covid 19 ever go away?

    Coronavirus is a gathering of related RNA infections that causes maladies in warm-blooded organisms. In people, these infections cause respiratory tract contamination that can run from gentle to deadly. Gentle sicknesses incorporate a few instances of the regular cold (which is likewise brought about by different infections, prevalently rhinoviruses), while progressively deadly assortments can cause SARS, MERS, and COVID-19. 


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  9. Ever Heard Of Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizure

    Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizure

    A generalized Tonic-clonic seizure is a medical term that defines a type of seizure in which both the sides of the brain of a person experiences a disturbing impulse. As a result, the brain starts spreading inappropriate electrical signals often to muscles, nerves, or glands. These inappropriate signals may result in loss of consciousness and severe muscle contractions.

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  10. Meditation And Its Basic Types

    all about meditation

    Meditation is a habitual process in order to train your mind and increase your ability to focus and redirect your thoughts. Since meditation is about to practise, the popularity of it increases as people get to know about its benefits. It also helps you to increase your awareness of yourself and your surroundings. In other words, it also helps a person to reduce stress and enhances concentration.

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