5 Amazing Facts that you didn’t know about Asthma

People breathe for survival. There is not a single person who don’t inhale exhale. But when you start feeling problem in breathing, complications start there. Especially, when kids struggle to breathe, it makes even the coolest parents worry. If your child already has asthma, you want to keep control on all the activities that he does like going out to play which in the case means that your baby will come in contact with the dust particles which are an active trigger of asthma. Even things in a home could also affect the kid.

We already know that asthma is an inflammatory disease that causes an obstruction of lungs by narrowing the airways down. It is the most common chronic condition in children. It is still a matter of wonder that why kids are more vulnerable to asthma attacks. But there are some theories that have been put forward by the experts. Many think that today children are being raised in a more polluted environment as compared to the children of past generations. They are more exposed to the harmful gases that could affect the immune system in their body. Greenhouse gases are also one of the reasons that is responsible for the production of pollen. Now, doctors also believe that asthma can happen to children at a very early age.

There are some surprising facts regarding asthma that must be known to everyone:

  • Genetics and Gender play a great role in asthma risk: It is not known why but if either of parents has the risk of asthma, children are more likely to get the symptoms. It is a surprising fact as well that boys are more prone to the risk as compared to girls. If the baby is in a womb of the mother and she is asthmatic, the child will more likely suffer from asthma.
  • If you have exposed your child to some environmental factors, he/she more likely develop asthma: There are various factors that can make a child vulnerable to the symptoms like some environmental conditions like traffic pollution, air pollution could have allergens that affect a child. Even if your child goes to swimming, and the pool water is chlorinated, he could have higher risks of getting allergy and suffer from blocked airways. Many experts also say that children are more prone to get germs if they come in contact with pets which make them more vulnerable to bacterial as well as allergic reactions.
  • Without wheezing also, your child may develop asthma: Sometimes kids don’t show signs of wheezing and that does not mean that you do not have asthma which is not true at all. They may have a dry cough at occasional times when they lie down or go to play. It should be properly diagnosed because sometimes cough could be the reason for other things.
  • Do not let your guards down even if your child has mild asthma: If your child has started showing signs of asthma and you are not paying attention to it and you think it is just a normal cold and cough, this could be harmful for you as well as for your kid. It is strongly recommended to consult the doctor and get a complete diagnosis before it is too late.
  • Asthma is an incurable and lifelong condition: It is a chronic health condition and does not go away. The possibility of symptoms still exists even it is treated completely.

Sometimes, parents think that by giving the rescue inhalers or nebulizers, their kid’s asthma would go away forever. They don’t need to do anything else if they are giving them inhalers which is completely wrong. You should take extra care of your children if they have been diagnosed with asthma and try to prevent anything that could bring your little ones any kind of allergy. Even it the condition subsides, negligence should not be made.