5 foods that increase the risk of miscarriage

During pregnancy, eating healthy food and consuming good nutrients and vitamins from foods is an important factor for every woman. The first semester can be agonizingly anxious time for all Mothers-to-be who desperately count down the days until they reach the next phase i.e. the second trimester. Those first few weeks of pregnancy are a time of extra caution, worry and waiting. Women need to be extra careful in order to protect themselves as well as their growing baby from the real risk of miscarriage. Unfortunately, there are a few factors that can trigger a miscarriage. It may include genetic abnormalities which can get completely out of control. To avoid any risks from our daily lives, all pregnant ladies must be vigilant of certain aspects that can help reduce the dangers of miscarriage, most importantly the food intake.

There are many foods, supplements as well as drinks which should be avoided as much as possible throughout the pregnancy to avoid miscarriage. We’ve compiled a list to guide you in avoiding the food items that increase the risk of miscarriage.

1. Pineapple: Commonly taken at the time of delivery, pineapple juice can cause miscarriage. It contains bromelain with the effect of softening the uterine and causing the contractions. The logic behind the notion of baby loss is that bromelain breaks down the proteins. Since, the baby is composed of proteins, having bromelain can cause bleeding and miscarriage. This is why, in the first 3 months of pregnancy, it’s better to avoid eating pineapple or drinking its juice.

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2. Aloe Vera Juice: It is one of the natural herbal remedies we all run to because of its magical benefits. Its gel has incredible healing abilities that have been used for thousands of years, to protect against skin complaints. It is also a powerful laxative agent, that prevents heartburn, indigestion and also skin ulcers. Despite its great benefits, it is highly recommended to avoid it. Pregnant women are not advised to consume aloe vera juice. It contributes to uterine contractions that can result in early pregnancy loss. Aloe vera gel has also been associated with the risk of low blood glucose levels which can be a potential threat to the mother and the baby.

3. Papaya: It is believed to cause miscarriage, especially green papaya. There have been many cases where women have eaten papaya and faced complicated pregnancy. The reason behind the complications is that the green papaya that has gone green contains enzymes that can be a risk to everybody, as they contain toxins cause uterine contractions, leading to the loss of the baby. Therefore, it’s better to avoid the consumption of papaya.

4. Sprouted Potato: It is not only dangerous to pregnant women but everyone. Potatoes which have started sprouting which are potentially harmful. It contains alpha-solanine and alpha-chaconine that are linked to some developmental issues in the fetus of pregnant women. It can lead to the miscarriage.

5. Litchi: It is a quite popular fruit this summer. However, it is the fruit that pregnant woman must avoid. It has the high content of sugar that can make women exposed to gestational diabetes. It can also cause hemorrhage or stillbirth. Litchi causes internal heat that can lead to complications during pregnancy.

Since pregnancy is the crucial phase in a woman’s lifespan, it is necessary to take extra caution. Keeping a check on all the activities and telling it to the doctor if anything goes wrong, is what is recommended by experts. Share it with your friends and family to make them aware. Stay Fit Stay Healthy.


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