5 myths about depression you were practically believing

One of the leading causes of all the diseases is depression. Many myths, as well as misconceptions persist about it that one may find hard not to believe. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 15.7 million of adults who are of age 18 or older in the United States have experienced at least one major depressive episode in their lifetime. Battling the stigma surrounding the true foundation of depression requires defying myths as well as debunking stereotypes that have been defined for so long. Although everyone is its victim, still they struggle to decipher the facts from the fiction of what they are actually going through.

We present 5 myths that hinder us from truly getting to know about depression:

1. Depression is same as sadness: While sadness is the early sign of depression, it is not synonymous with it. Sadness has always been considered fleeting and temporary phenomenon. It usually occurs when you are upset with some life experiences or past memories. It is never constant. On the other hand, depression is a chronic condition. It doesn’t usually fade just like the sadness. People who are the victim of depression can feel emptiness, anxiety, tense that eventually leads to painful as well as arduous life.

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2. Antidepressants always cure depression: Although depression is treatable, if you are thinking that it is always cured by antidepressants, that’s not always true. These kinds of drugs alter your brain chemistry. For some people, these type of medications is not enough. In that case, your doctor may recommend talk therapy or psychotherapy. Usually, people opt for combined treatments that include talk therapy as well as medicines.

3. If your parents have depression, you might also get it: There is no proof that you will be more vulnerable to depression if it runs in your family. Researchers are still in the process of determining whether genetics is responsible for depression or not.

4. It is not a real illness: Many think that it is just a common thing and one should not be much concerned about it. They think that it is not actually a real thing and they relate it with sadness. It has been proven that it is a complex mental health disorder. It has social, psychological origins that can be treated in various ways.If you experience any kind of abnormalities, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

5. Only women get depression: Although, the ratio of women suffering from depression is more; that does not necessarily mean that men do not get depressed. Diagnosing symptoms of depression in men is a bit difficult. Some signs include irritation, anger, weepiness, sadness etc. Just because men express depression differently, it makes society overlook the problem in men. Actually, men often report more physical symptoms as compared to women.

We are sure that you were still believing these myths. Now, that you got aware of it, share it with your friends and family to create awareness. Stay Fit Stay Healthy.


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