5 PMS hacks that can save your day

Every woman is the victim of premenstrual syndrome. This affects about 85 percent of menstruating women. If any of you don’t know what the term means, then you must be aware that it is the group of symptoms in women, that occurs especially between ovulation and a period. It starts even before two weeks of periods. So, it gets more annoying. You may get a headache, cramps, bloating, cravings, acne, joint pain, nausea irritation etc. Although, there is no sure shot way to keep PMS away from the life but Yes, you can relieve the symptoms. Since PMS can take a toll on us, it’s important to know how to deal with it.

Here are 5 PMS hacks that can save your day:

1. Try red raspberry leaf tea: It is a great remedy to save yourself from all the mood swings, cramps, and other things. This tea helps in relaxing the muscles, it also helps with other medical conditions like diarrhea, heavy periods, urination, vitamin deficiency. It contains a wonderful alkaloid that is helpful in reducing the cramps by relaxing as well as toning the uterus. Being rich in potassium, iron, and vitamins, it does wonder for improving nausea and cramps.

2. Have sex to get relieved: Having orgasm releases endorphins that make your body happy and relieve pain. It is also an energy booster as well as cramps reliever. So, curl up in the bed with your partner.

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3. Exercising: In case of periods, don’t just lie down on your bed and face mood swings, instead, it is important to do some physical exercise, as it works wonderfully in helping you from all the cramps. Light stretching helps in period cramps. It is ironic but working out helps in improving fatigue.

4. Eat bananas and kale: Being a rich source of Vitamin C, bananas are extremely helpful in reducing the cramps of PMS. They are also loaded with potassium which helps to reduce the retention of water. Kale on the other side is one of the best plant-based sources of calcium that makes it an excellent food for women with this syndrome.

5. Take ample amount of sleep: When you are PMSing, it is actually hard to get a proper amount of sleep, as the cramps and other symptoms will not let you close your eyes. So, try to think of happy moments and sleep.

These 5 hacks can help you survive your mood swings as well as other symptoms of PMS. So, read it and share with your friends and family to spread awareness. Stay Fit Stay Healthy.


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