5 Secrets that are revealed by your tongue

It might seem a bit astonishing, but the color of your tongue actually reveals so many things about your health. When you see in the mirror, you might find the color of your tongue a bit different. Since every person is unique, they have different characteristics. If you want to find any clues about the problem in your mouth, stick your tongue out and look in the mirror. Any deviation from a normal tongue color will be a cause for concern. If you are confused as what a healthy tongue color should be, you must know that a normal tongue should be pink in color. If you have bumps, patches or spots in your mouth, it’s not necessary that they will be harmful all the times, but they can give you hints if something is going on with your overall health.

There are 5 secrets that your tongue reveal about yourself:

  • If your tongue is as red as a strawberry, there might be a chance that your body is lacking vitamin: A glossy and bright red tongue indicates that your body is lacking iron or vitamin B12. Papillae are the part of the body that is matured when your body has sufficient amount of these essential elements. If you have its deficiency, you will lose papillae, due to which your tongue will lose all of its smoothness. It can be painful when you eat spicy food.
  • White coat on the tongue could be an indication of leukoplakia: If you have any kind of white coating or white spots in your tongue, it could indicate that you have leukoplakia, which is a condition in which the cells in the mouth grow excessively, which leads to the patches inside the mouth. There is another condition called oral thrush that arises when yeast infection develops in the mouth. It looks like the white patches, that are like the consistency of cottage cheese. It is commonly seen in adults and the elderly.

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  • If your tongue is black and hairy, you need to be concerned about it: Just like papillae, hair also grows on the tongue. In some people, it becomes extra long, which makes them more likely to harbor bacteria. When these bacteria grow, they may look black and dark. It is not that serious but it affects people who don’t practice a good dental hygiene.
  • The bumpy and sore tongue may lead to serious health conditions: If you are having painful bumps in your tongue, it may lead to oral cancer. So, if the sore or bump doesn’t go within few days, it is recommended to consult your doctor in order to avoid any kind of serious medical problems to persist. Since oral cancer does not hurt in their early stages and they are hard to diagnose, it is necessary to regularly consult the doctor.
  • If you see wrinkles on your tongue, that means you are aging: Yes, that’s true. If you find wrinkles on your tongue, they are the signs that you are growing old. Cracks in the tongue are generally harmless, but if you are not taking care of your dental hygiene, it could lead to infections within the crevices. These infections are then treated with a topical antifungal infection.

These are the secrets that one should be aware of. So, read it carefully and share it with your friends and family to share awareness. Stay fit Stay healthy!!!


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