Men’s Health Special: 7 Ways To Deal With Sweat This Summer

With over 2 million sweat glands that work on their own, it can feel helpless in the moments when the sweat is pouring down your face just like water on a window when it's raining heavily outside. No one can run away from reality - that as a human, you will sweat. After all, as irritating as it is, sweating is one of the crucial functions of the body.

Too much sweating can make a person uncomfortable as it causes an unpleasant sensation and odor, which can also affect social life negatively. Your favorite shirt can be ruined with the sweat stains and that’s never a good thing to know. Although you can’t control the sweat from producing, there are a few precautions and ways to deal with the situation to stay clear of the unpleasant body odor and prevent the sweat stains from spoiling everything in your wardrobe. Here is a list of ways to consider if you’re sick of dealing with sweat this summer: 

1. Reduce caffeine consumption
Do you find yourself covered with sweat after climbing just two floors by stairs? Perhaps, it could be a result of your hot brewed morning coffee. As explained by Bonnie Taub-Dix, the author of ‘Read It Before You Eat It’, coffee stimulates the nervous system and leads to increase in heart rate, blood pressure and it also activates the sweat glands, which means the more is the consumption of coffee, the more will be the sweat excretion from the body. Quitting or reducing caffeinated beverages can help to deal with excessive sweating. 

2. Don’t reply on deodorant too much
Deodorants may be an effective way to cover the smelly armpits, they don’t help to prevent excessive sweating. If you’re looking for something to reduce the sweat, antiperspirant is exactly what you should prefer.
Antiperspirant contains aluminum salts which help to reduce the amount of sweat that travels to the skin. They are a good choice for this condition as they inhibit the activity of sweat glands, avoid any unpleasant wetness, and decrease body odor caused by the sweating. 

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3. Remove underarm body hair
The antiperspirant needs to come in contact with the skin and underarm body hair may prevent direct contact which reduces the effect of the product. Though shaving the armpits won’t make you sweat less, but it can reduce body odor caused by excessive sweating, otherwise, it is absorbed by the hair. Removing the body hair also results in less space for the bacteria to breed. 

4. Wear the right clothing material
The type of cloth you choose to wear during summers can affect how much you sweat during the day. Choose cotton fabric as it absorbs the moisture and other fabrics like light wool, hemp, and linen are also a good choice for hot climates as they allow free flow of air to the skin. Wearing an extra layer like a cotton undershirt can help in keeping the clothes dry from the sweat. To allow proper air circulation on the body, prefer loose-fitting clothing as wearing tight clothes restrict the amount of air that can pass to the skin. 

5. Reduce stress levels
Excessive sweating can also be a result of anxiety, fear, nervousness, tension, pain, and stress, but the question is how to deal with stress sweat? Stress causes the hormones adrenaline and cortisol to flow in the body which can have some physical effects, such as sweating, which can be caused by certain events, memories, or emotions, causing you to sweat more than usual. Practicing meditation or other relaxing techniques can help you take control of the body functions, which can reduce nervous and emotional sweating. 

6. Changes in diet:
Consuming fast foods increase the number of toxins in the body as they are processed foods with artificially added sugar and loads of fat. They can cause the body to produce sweat with unpleasant body odor. Spicy foods raise the body temperature leading to thermal sweating. Foods like hot pepper can cause you to sweat more and other foods like garlic and onion can make the sweat smell very unpleasant. Eating fresh foods including fruits and vegetables are a healthier choice to deal with the condition, especially those with high water content. 

7. Seek medical help
Sometimes, excessive sweating can also be a sign of a serious medical condition. It can also be irritating to cope with this situation as the glands start to produce more sweat than necessary. Such a case requires medical attention as a last resort to deal with the condition. As a medical treatment, doctors can recommend oral medication to prevent the stimulation of sweat glands, antidepressants if the cause is emotional distress, botox treatment, or surgery, depending on multiple factors concerning the condition. 

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