8 Period Questions every girl is scared to ask

There has always been a sense of ambiguity when it comes to periods. They are some that likes eating underwear, give surprises, and sometimes hang out in the company of ice cream. It has also been a topic that you are not supposed to talk about aloud.  It is still considered a taboo to talk about menstrual cycles in many countries which is an absurd perception. Due to this, many girl’s questions and doubts remain unanswered as they don’t share it with anyone.

We present all the doubt-clearing questions and answers.

Q1. What are periods and why do only girls have them?

A1. When a woman’s body releases the tissues from the uterus, it no longer needs, it is called periods. A uterus is where the development of the baby takes place. Every month, the lining of the uterus gets thicker for preparing the fertilized egg, but when the egg is not fertilized, the lining breaks and sheds blood through the vagina. It is a natural process that tells you that you are not pregnant and are getting matured physically. Girls have periods because only they are blessed with the gift of giving birth.

Q2. What is the feeling when you have periods?

A2. It actually does not feel much. It’s just that when they are about to start, you will feel dampness down there. But after that it’s normal. It’s all in the mind.

Q3. For how long do the periods last?

A3. It occurs in every 21 to 35 days. It can last for 2-7 days. It might be irregular at the beginning.

Q4. What to do if I got my periods?

A4. If it is your first time, tell your mom about it. She’ll get your sanitary pads or tampons or can tell you what to do so that you are prepared for the next time. There are varieties of sanitary pads, tampons available which will help you prevent the blood stains on your clothes.

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Q5. Does it hurt in periods?

A5. Menstruation in itself does not hurt, but some girls or women get menstrual cramps or other symptoms like mouth ulcers. It is due to the release of hormones from the body. If the pain gets worse, you can buy pain relievers from an online pharmacy.

Q6. Is it safe to take shower during menstruation?

A6. It is 100% safe and healthy to take a bath while you are having periods. It will keep you clean, confident and hygienic.

Q7. Is it safe to have sex during periods?

A7. Just because you have periods, doesn’t mean you can forego sex. For some women, the experience could be more pleasurable. You would need less lubrication while you are having sex in periods. But, there are also chances to have infections due to viruses present in the menstrual blood. Therefore, it is strongly advised to use condoms during the intercourse.

If you think that you can’t get pregnant, you are mistaken. You may be having abnormal periods and might be bleeding while still in ovulation phase, so it’s completely possible to get pregnant as well

Q8. Can I have periods twice in a month?

A8. If you have irregular periods due to stress, medical issues, there are high chances that you may get periods even twice in a month. The medical conditions may be thyroid, diabetes, PCOs etc.

Read these questions to clear your doubts. If you still have something to ask, comment below.

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