8 Reasons Why You Stay Exhausted All Day

What can be more frustrating than waking up tired in the morning? Feeling tired all the time, also called fatigue, is a symptom caused by some medical factors or sometimes due to an unhealthy lifestyle. About one-third of healthy teens and adults report feeling tired throughout their day. Fatigue lowers the enthusiasm among people and reduces their level of participation, which steals the zeal from their life. 

Fatigue is a critical issue as it makes the people engage less and less in everything and pushes the person away from everything they want to do because they usually feel too tired for it. 

However, feeling tired is not constant. Getting to know the reasons behind the fatigue can drive you closer to the remedy, which is usually a change in the lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why you’re always feeling tired, and a few recommendations to regain your energy levels: 

1. Lack of High-quality sleep:

It is one of the most obvious and common fatigue causes. It happens due to the loss of sleep rhythm as going to bed at different times can disturb the sleep pattern and can affect the health negatively. It’s important to focus on the number of sleeping hours and opt for at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Most people get too busy in their lives and stay sleep deprived all the time which makes them tired 

2. Not drinking enough water:

The body is made up of more than 50% water. Drinking less water slows down the metabolism of the body and drops the energy level. Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration and can cause the body to slow down. For all the organs to function properly, an adequate amount of water is required by the body. Too much dehydration can cause an imbalance in sodium and potassium, which aid muscles and heart function. Although doctors recommend 8-9 glasses of water, the actual water intake level depends on physical activity, weight, and the type of weather

3. Unhealthy diet:

Eating is a source of energy for humans, but the situation also depends on the type of food that you’re eating. Eating too less or too much can leave the person feeling weak and tired. The type of diet plays an essential role in keeping the body and mind energetic and healthy. Choosing unhealthy food or following the wrong diet can become a reason for chronic fatigue. Skipping meals in order to lose weight or due to any other reason can contribute to the tiredness as consuming food at regular intervals helps in improving concentration and alertness levels. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and are essential to maintain energy in the body. Avoiding them can lower the intake of the vitamins and may lead to fatigue. 

4. Avoiding physical activity:

While most people wonder about how they can exercise when they’re already tired, then the reality might just be the opposite.
Research proves that engaging in physical activity, even small exercises, can make the person feel more energetic and also improve the quality of sleep. This makes the person feel more rested and less tired even after spending the same amount of time sleeping.
Exercising also makes the heart and muscles stronger and boosts the metabolism in the body. Lack of exercise can make the person feel slothful. 

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5. High-stress levels:

A little stress is normal, but an excessive amount of stress levels can be linked to fatigue as they affect the energy levels and the quality of life.
Stress levels are generally high in the jobs sector and most people go through this issue because of high work pressure or inability to find a work-life balance. As the work-life load increases, it becomes hard for the brain to process so many things together.

Taking small breaks and controlling the stress levels can contribute to avoiding fatigue. Some mind-body practices like meditation can help in dealing with the high-stress levels and to keep the body energetic throughout the day. 

6. Medications:

Fatigue can be a side-effect of certain medications. Some of them include blood pressure medications, antibiotics, narcotic pain medications, antipsychotics, antidepressants. These medications can become the reason for fatigue, which would be mentioned by the doctor prescribing them. If the problem persists even after the prescription is over, it could possibly be occurring due to any other reason. 

7. Diabetes:

Diabetes causes blood glucose or blood sugar level to rise due to less production of Insulin in the body. Insulin helps the glucose to get into the body’s cells to be used for production. Having low or no Insulin can become the reason for the lack of energy or fatigue in the body. High blood sugar or hyperglycemia can cause fatigue, which is just one of the many symptoms like extreme thirst, dry skin, frequent urination, increased infections, and many more. 

8. Depression:

Depression is a mental health disorder where the person constantly feels anxiety, worthlessness, and has trouble concentrating and making decisions.
Depression can cause trouble falling asleep and waking up which can leave the person feeling tired throughout the day. The sleep cycle is usually disturbed for the people who are suffering from depression, which is one of the main fatigue symptoms. It also makes the person feel demotivated and cause them to lose interest in doing anything. 

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