8 things you will definitely forget to pack in your hospital bag

Heartbeats start getting fast when you know the wait is finally over and you start packing for a lifelong experience called ‘the labor’. In case you still don't  know how to pack up for it, then take this guide for starters. There are a couple of things that remain the same for every outing; including fresh towel, a change of clothes, toothbrush, water bottle, sweat pants, etc. But what about the must-haves that don't occur to first-time mamas to stash in their bags? We reached out to new moms to see what more obscure items they wished they had had during their first labour and delivery. These 8 items topped the list:

1. Pillows from home

If you ever been a hospital, then you must be aware of the quality of pillows and mattresses they have in there. They are extremely hard- as stuffed with stale dough and can be totally uncomfortable and unhygienic. While you don't want to carry a whole mattress and get it ruined, we suggest you to remember packing soft comfy pillows from home.

2. Makeup

Before you get all excited and start packing your vanity, let me tell you by makeup I mean just a lip-balm, moisturizer and eyeliner, maybe. Remember, your entire Instagram family is waiting to ‘heart’ that first picture of baby and mamma. It is not mandatory, but who doesn't want to look a bit pulled together after popping a baby out of self? Also, hospitals tend to be extremely dry and these products will come handy along with a comb and some elastics.

3. Jumbo Pads

We have all wondered that who ever needs such giant diapers, but when you are done with delivering  the baby, your system will flow out all the blood who have not shed off in last 9 months. And trust me when I say that those ‘extra-long’ pads are not going to help you at all during this time. You can get these Jumbo Pads at the shop in hospitals as well, but what if they are not there or are ridiculously overpriced.

4. Change

You may need to take help with so many people whom you need to pay in change; including cleaners, nurses and other staff or non-staff people. What if you need to buy something from the vending machine and you don’t have any change. Delivering a baby is already very hectic; do not make the situation worse by ignoring such things as they may lead you to frustration and anxiety.

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5. Chargers and extension cords

Labors can be long and boring. If you have chosen to go with pain relievers, you will get enough time to catch up on your favorite show on Netflix or listen to some music. Also, you must be planning to click loads of pictures there. During all this, the last thing you want is a dead phone. So, make sure to pack your phone charger and extension cords, coz who knows how far would the plug be from the bed!

6. Sleeping mat for dad

Even if they are not carrying the baby physically, dads also share the pregnancy in all its positive in negative aspects. Do pack something for father to sleep on, if there is only one bed available in the hospital. Even if he doesn't want to sleep, he can relax a bit during the process.

7. Crappy Underwear

The underwear that fit you during the last months of your pregnancy suddenly aren’t going to fit, and neither will your pre-pregnancy undies. If you’ve had a C-section, you’re going to want something that comes above your incision. And you’re also going to be bleeding, so you’re not going to want to wear any undies that you aren’t willing to throw away on your way home from the hospital.

Head to Walmart or Target and get a pack of cheap granny panties a size smaller than you were wearing when you were pregnant, and a size bigger than you wore pre-pregnancy. Opt for a dark colour, too.

8. Stress Ball

Women tend to get very nervous and stressed in labour, which is completely normal. What isn't normal is that you break your husband’s hand while he is trying to calm you down during delivery. Do  not forget to get a stress ball and squeeze it when you feel that pain.

Now that you have reached till here, I wish you get a smooth and healthy delivery and dont forget anything important at home.


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