8 weird health queries people Google- and their answers

Where do you reach if you want to get answer to your questions? Who do you think knows everything right and accurate? Who do you think will never be irritated with your questions? Well, the answer to all these questions is our very own Google Search Engine. As we are getting more digital with every passing day, people reach to Siri and Google Assistance for almost everything.

So, for today we thought of compiling a list of such weird health queries that people ask Dr.Google. If, at some point you are not satisfied from our answers; you know what to do. Just Google it!

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Q Is it possible to get a vaginal infection from my cat?

A When did you let your cat reach up to your vagina, and how did it happen? This case requires special attention, I tell you!

Q Can you overdose on carbs?

A Clear your basics dear; overdosing is for drugs or medicines. However, you can always overeat carbs; which is not so healthy.

Q Will I poop out my intestines if I accidentally swallow a rubber band?

A Thankfully, there has been no such reporting in medical history as of now. In case something like this happen, I don't want to read a case study where a person has swallowed a boomerang and gets all his stuff out on the floor.

Q Is it possible for your head to be too big for your neck?

A You see, Jesus does not create babies in parts and make the parents assemble them. Their body is developed as a whole. So you don't worry about fitting your baby’s body parts altogether.

Q Why does my mouth taste like blood after running?

A OK now this one is a bit serious than other questions I’ve answered before. Some studies  show that intense exercise can increase pressure on the lungs, which allows red blood cells to leak into air sacs, possibly justifying blood like or metallic taste in mouth. It is temporary and doesn't really harm your body by any means. But hey, how often do you drink blood?

Q Why do I lose my hearing after orgasm?

A I’ve heard teens referring to sex as ‘boom-boom’. So, when you do ‘boom-boom’ with excessive noise, it can make you lose your hearing on temporary basis. Well, on a serious note, this issue is not so rare and has no serious outcomes. There are a number of hypothesis about this problem, and none of them has been able to find its causes.

Q Help I can’t stop pooping

A For how many hours are you discomforting yourself sitting on the toilet seat? And how much you have pooped? The World Record for the longest poop is 26 feet. In case you think you are having a poop longer than this, then it’s time to register for world records.

Q Why do my testicles stick to my thighs?

A OK now this is getting awkward to answer. Dude your testicles are sticking to your thighs because you are not wearing underpants. Instead of making internet uncomfortable, treat your testicles with a home and they will not stick with your thighs. If I was the Gunther from F.R.I.E.N.D.S , I should have said, “Put the mouse back in the house.”

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That was all I could answer today. Hope you find it cool. I’ll be torturing myself with more of such questions if you people seem to like it.