9 Myths you were practically believing to be true in pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you might be getting a plethora of advice from your friends and family. Sometimes, not-so-important people also give you advice that you don’t even want. One thing that is completely true is that a lot can happen during the 40 weeks of pregnancy, you expect some changes as the time comes by. Some changes seem fascinating while others are surprising. There is even some old-wives tale about what your baby’s gender will be. Sometimes, some advice seems too absurd that it actually becomes hard to believe them. We bring some myths that you were believing till now to be true:

1. A Gentle touch over the tummy could harm the baby: If you think that just by the slightest touch over the tummy, could have a negative impact on your baby, this is a completely ridiculous thing. Do not worry about that. Your baby is completely secure in your uterus and is cushioned from stumbles and falls from amniotic fluid in which he/she floats. If you experience cramps or vaginal bleeding, you should contact your doctor immediately.

2. You can’t have sensual intercourse: Many women think that they can’t have sex if they are pregnant which is not true. Sex will not do you any harm as long as you are healthy and you are not facing any complications in your pregnancy. For some women, sex makes their life better as the blood flow in their pelvic area more smoothly.

3. Stress is bad for pregnancy: According to researchers, stress is actually considered good for the baby. It accelerates the development of fetus and tones its nervous system. Women who experience stress moderately during pregnancy, the brain of their fetus works faster as compared to women who don’t experience stress.

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4. Eating Papaya could cause abortion: Many think that if you eat papaya, there are high chances that your baby will experience the negative impact. Well, if you ask us, usually raw papaya is suspected to contain a kind of chemical called chymopapain that is supposed to an induced abortion or early labor in the pregnant woman. Ripe Papaya is considered to be absolutely safe. It is also a good source of Vitamin A.

5. Caffeine affects Pregnancy: This is also a false notion. Drinking adequate amount of coffee does not affect your pregnancy. Anything taken in excess could harm you, similarly, a large amount of caffeine may result in a baby with low weight.

6. Pregnant Woman should not eat Seafood: This is completely an absurd myth. Even according to the researchers, it has been found that women who eat lots of fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids and also low in mercury could produce smarter kids. Those children may have better IQ, social and communications skill.

7. A Pregnant woman should not eat sweets: Some new studies have suggested that women who eat chocolates every day during pregnancy have babies that show less fear and smile and laugh more often at even six months of age.

8. You can’t touch cats: People think that if a woman is pregnant, she can’t tame pets which is a rubbish thing. There is no need to give away your pets if once you become pregnant. It is true that you can get affected by cat’s litter, so ask someone else to take care of it.

9. You should not exercise if you are pregnant: In reality, if you exercise, your baby also get some beneficial workout. It has been found that fetuses who are physically active have their heart rates slower and more variable. They also become more intelligent adults because of their bigger brains.

These 9 myths every pregnant woman must know in order to not getting any kind of delusions in future. Share it with your friends and family. Stay Safe Stay Healthy