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Anti Migraine

  1. Are You Aware Of A Migraine?

    Are You Aware Of A Migraine?

    A migraine is a common and chronic neurovascular disorder and millions of people are diagnosed with this disease. It is a complex condition that affects the whole body and results in the most common feature of a migraine and that is a painful headache. But, migraine is not only limited to a headache. It affects the overall quality of life of a sufferer and leads to both physical suffering and emotional suffering. Migraine headaches are severe headaches that follow a particular pattern that usually attacks one side of the head and is accompanied by throbbing pain, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. 

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  2. How is ice pick headache killing you?

    How is ice pick headache killing you?

    Do you know how an ice pick headache feels like? It’s like someone has stabbed your face with an ice pick. Also termed as stabbing headache, ice pick headaches are one of the most painful as well as extremely intense headaches that generally last only for seconds but end up giving you an excruciating pain. Many people from time to time feel quite jabs or jolts of severe pain around either of their eyes or at their temple. 

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  3. What is this shooting pain in the back of my head?

    What is this shooting pain in the back of my head?

    Headaches are the most common problem that every person experience. It sometimes may be the common cause or the warning sign for other serious problem. It has always been a matter of doubt as of why headaches occur and what is their exact location. It may vary from time to time.

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