Be Grateful To The Pandemic - It has Taught Us 07 Life Lessons

Is this the first time the world has witnessed any pandemic? There have been a few pandemics before, but none has affected people in as many countries as this novel coronavirus pandemic. It forced the whole world to shut down for several days or even several months. Each country tried to follow a different approach to minimize the risk of COVID-19 and discovered that a shutdown is obligatory. 


The effect was so quick and widespread that we were forced to learn new life lessons and understand some old ones' significance. In this blog, you’ll come across 09 life lessons that we have either learned or rediscovered. The list may not be all-inclusive, but will surely provide you with intellectual nourishment. 


Shutdown works


Remember the Ebola virus outbreak? It didn’t kill millions as the shutdown of the affected region was swift and complete. Yet, we didn’t learn. On this occasion, the country's leaders, where the novel coronavirus originated, failed to take appropriate measures at the right time. As a result, it spread to nearby countries, and then the entire world. 


People had to confine themselves in their homes, factories required to be closed, and the economy suffered a huge loss. Every country began to realize that the total shutdown is imperative and can snap the transmission of the virus to a great extent. The sooner each country realized this point; the better were they in controlling the spread. 


But when do we stop committing the same mistake again and again? Ebola, SARS, MERS, and now SARS COV-2 - aren’t these occurrences enough for us to learn lessons?


The significance of health & hygiene 


We have long been overlooking the importance of health and hygiene. This pandemic has helped us rediscover the importance of washing hands every time we return home from hospitals or public gatherings, and also from time to time. The rapid growth in sales of soap and sanitizers is a clear indication that we are rediscovering the value of hand hygiene for the first time. 


Decreasing pollution benefits us and the environment


Climate change is veritable (polar ice caps are melting down, earth’s surface temperatures have risen, sea levels have increased, and the ocean is warmer). This is all because of the higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One good thing to come from this pandemic is that it has discontinued production, and factories have closed. Thus, air pollution has dropped to an all-time low level, and animals are stepping out to wander and play.


This is one of the most important lessons we have learned from this pandemic. The planet doesn’t need us; we need it. We should start respecting the ground we live in and take care of it. By doing this, we are extending our ability to live a better and longer life in it. 


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We don’t really need to spend as much as we generally do


You must have saved a lot of cash in these months since the novel coronavirus outbreak. We are not eating out, not shopping for things we don’t require. Most of you will agree that you would have spent 5-7 times more under normal circumstances. 


Hopefully, this has shown that we don’t need much in life to be happy. What we have is good enough, and we need to be thankful for it. Rest everything isn’t really required, and look at how easily we can ward them off our lives. Those items that you thought you couldn’t live without in the past, you have not learned living without them for several months, and yes, you are surviving!


Let's perceive the importance of our hard-earned money and show some more respect towards it by spending less even after the pandemic ends.


The importance of emergency funds


While you are creating that spending plan, pay attention to emergency funds. This is the most challenging time, which has already lasted for more than ten months and is still continuing. Anyone who couldn’t understand why they required an emergency fund before, I hope it all is making a lot of sense now.


You need to have around 3 - 6 months’ worth of living expenses set aside, and it should remain untouched except for in an emergency. This could seem like a lot for many people. However, the main objective is to support you in case you lose your job or require some time to switch between jobs. In the future, this will serve as your pandemic relief fund. In a nutshell, it will ensure that you don’t go into debt or have to sell you valuable stuff to survive.


We need to have career backup plans


Several people are suffering a reduction in pay or losing their jobs during this period. Unemployment surmounted by about 13%! People have started looking for multiple income streams or starting a side business. Well, that's a feasible option, but not everyone can do that. Their skill sets don’t permit them to, or they are already stuck so much by their primary jobs, or there may be some other reason.


Social media overstates


How many people are completely frustrated or overwhelmed by social media? There’s only so much any brain can take. Now we all have so much time on our hands, and I am pretty sure much of it is spent online. There's nothing bad if you are spending time online doing something really productive, else in most cases, it's a total waste of time.


There’s a lot of stuff on social media that is falsified, exaggerated, or taken out of context. So, don't believe everything you read online; fact-checking is a must, or else you'll end up believing and circulating wrong information on social media.