Planning To Donate Blood? Know The Pros And Cons First

Donating blood is a noble cause and a wise step towards self-care. As much it involves saving somebody’s life, there are numerous benefits of donating blood for the donor’s body. While you may think that you lose a good amount of blood from the body on donating blood, but the truth is, you actually take your body one step closer towards good health.

Before taking a step that may have a direct significance on your health, make sure you know both the sides of its coin.

Here we bring you a compilation of all that is good about blood donation for you and all that can harm you, before taking the first step towards the deed.

The Golden Benefits

1. Emotional Satisfaction

It must have happened with you a lot of the time that doing good to others instantly resulted in an upsurge of a good feeling. There is a mental peace in knowing that you just saved a life. Blood donation can be good for your health as the feeling of saving three lives by a single bottle of blood donated by you is very relieving.

2. Physical Health Benefits

Donating blood has numerous health benefits that you must not be knowing. Check out the health benefits below to gain an added motivation of regulating your physical health

  • Blood donation helps to prevent the risk of heart diseases. Iron is one reason why our heart may land up in the chaos of diseases. Fortunately, when blood is donated, a considerable amount of iron is removed out of the body thus preventing varied cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks. Donating blood helps in removing blood viscosity. Blood viscosity is the ability of blood to flow through veins depending on the thickness and thinness of blood. Regulated blood viscosity which is possible through blood donation, results in normal blood pressure, thus reducing the possibilities of heart attacks.
  • Blood donation can also reduce the chances of cancer. Iron is an important element for human body however excess of iron can cause several disorders even cancer. Therefore, blood donation can save the chances of lung, liver, throat, colon and stomach cancer to a great extent since iron content in the body is regulated.  

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  • If you are looking for a good way to lose weight, what can be a better way than blood donation? To lose a substantial amount of weight, one shall try blood donation since its a healthy way of keeping body weight in check
  • If you have not got your full body check up since eternity, now is the time. Before you are allowed to donate blood, you have to go through a full body check-up. This gives you an insight into your overall health and an idea about the areas where you need to pay most of the attention. Any cloaked illness subsiding inside the body is also brought under notice.

The reasons mentioned above are alone enough to encourage an individual towards blood donation. However arrant knowledge about side effects of the process must be studied in order to take necessary precautions to avoid any mishap.

  • A person may suffer from weakness after donating blood
  • A feeling of dizziness after nausea may be felt after taking a meal.
  • Arm pain, bleeding and bumps where the needle was injected may be felt for a day or two.


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