Leave The Taste Behind- Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd or bitter Melon is one of the nutritious vegetables known. Known as a tropical vine, this vegetable has more benefits than a banana or an apple. It belongs to the same family of zucchini, squash, cucumber and the like. The Asian cuisine includes bitter gourd as a staple diet. Especially while treating diabetes, bitter gourd is known to have therapeutic properties. The juice of bitter gourd is consumed by many for glowing skin and as a supplement in many cases.




Of late, it is also believed that bitter gourd can combat cancer and promote weight loss. Here are a few of the advantages of having this vegetable regularly.




Anti-Diabetic Properties


Bitter gourd is known to have properties similar to insulin. Insulin is a hormone responsible for letting the sugar in the blood enter the cells. Too much sugar in the blood increases insulin levels which causes Diabetes. Bitter gourd may act as a resistance and prevent blood sugar from rising.


Research has shown glycemic effects on the consumption of bitter gourd. Compounds such as glibenclamide and metformin are known to prevent the rise of sugar levels in the body. Bitter gourds are known to be a natural competitor of these chemical compounds.






Fights Bad Cholesterol




Bitter gourd is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, the risk of a stroke or heart attack can be reduced with regular consumption of bitter gourd. The richness in potassium content helps the bitter gourd maintain blood pressure and absorb the excess of sodium present in the body. Along with potassium, this vegetable is also rich in iron and folic acid. A healthy heart requires a little exercise and a minute’s compromise on taste.






Glowing Skin And Lustrous Hair




Flawless skin is every woman’s dream. The antioxidants present in bitter gourd can help to have lustrous hair and clear skin. The richness in Vitamin A and Vitamin C is known to prevent skin aging and the formation of wrinkles. Acne, skin wounds and eczema are also known to reduce the use of bitter gourd as a staple in day to day diet.


Another rich content found in Bitter gourd is Biotin and Zinc. The application of bitter gourd juice on the scalp is known to reduce hair loss, dandruff, and an itchy scalp. A paste of bitter gourd extract along with cumin seeds and juice squeezed of a lime can be used to apply on the scalp and treat dandruff.






Hung Up On A Hangover? Cleanse Your Liver




Booze is quite common among people of this generation. This is followed by a hangover. Instead of having lime juice to release the hangover, try a cup of bitter gourd juice. This is also known to clear bowel movements and clear the liver. Often due to too much alcohol intake, the liver gets damaged. Bitter gourd can act as insurance against liver damage by strengthening antioxidant activities of the enzymes present in the liver. The urinary bladder function is also improved with bitter gourd juice.


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Great Source Of Nutrition For Eyes




Bitter gourd is known to have an entire family of nutrients required to maintain eye health. This consists of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. These compounds prevent the occurrence of cataracts and improve eyesight. Dark circles can be cured to a great extent with bitter gourd.




What To Know More?



Anything of too much is known to cause problems. Similarly, too much bitter gourd juice is not good for health. This may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. In the case of pregnant women, bitter gourd juice is known to cause premature delivery as this can stimulate the uterus. For daily consumption, 30-40 ml of bitter gourd juice is all that is needed. An excess shall lead to problems. This moderate level of consumption will act as a laxative and a stimulant for digestion. People suffering from hemorrhoids are known to cure them with bitter gourd extracts. Along with fighting for liver ailments, colon diseases can be treated as well.

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