Can’t Avoid Junk Food? Trick Your Mind Into Eating Healthy


If we were to be hit by a paintball for every promise that we make and break with our health, there is a high probability that the world would look like a colourful canvas. Okay, that sounds happy and gay but your health is certainly not because if you were a pro-junk food activist, you’d be ripping at it. 

Blame the lifestyle, but we humans have exited the zone where we could control our gluttony, completely. Skipping the diet meal serves as a witty Instagram caption and every day is a cheat-day (yes, that came from your witty Instagram caption). However, the source of these captions, junk food, all day every day, is multiplying the chances of serious diseases in your body including cardiovascular diseases and obesity. 

If you are ready with the I-can’t-help-it excuse, then we have the solution ready because you can actually trick your brain into eating healthy. The brain is as smart and hardworking as it is innocent and you can actually fool it into believing on certain things. One healthy reason for bluffing your brain is to secretly open the door for healthy food. How? Check it out.

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5 Ways To Trick Your Brain Into Healthy Eating  

1. When eating healthy, eat from a bigger plate. Let it make sense. When you eat from a big plate, the food appears less in the dish, therefore, making the brain believe that you haven’t consumed an appropriate amount of food. This way, you will end up eating more of the healthy food resulting in more nutritional intake and less room for junk.

2. Don’t eat while watching TV. Most of the time, the food we choose to munch while watching a movie or TV show is packaged junk food. Make it a habit to not eat while watching TV, saving yourself from the intake of a lot of calories. 

3. Set rewards for keeping your junk diet in check. And by rewards, we certainly don’t mean cheat days because the fact that you are here is itself a proof that you have attained a diploma in cheating your cheat-day schedule. Set rewards for uniform days of healthy eating which are not food again but something else you love. If you are a compulsive shopper, take yourself on shopping once you complete the prescribed days without the junk.

4. Sneak the veggies into your plate. If you can’t cut off junk completely, increase the proportion of vegetables in junk food. Make sure that each plate of junk that you intake, incorporate 65 per cent of healthy vegetables and 35 per cent of whatever you want to eat. 

5. Tap your forehead with your index finger the next time you are in stress and food is your salvation. It is a scientifically proven fact that a person craves for food in stress. Science says tapping your forehead with index finger releases stress and brings gastronomical cravings under control. Try it next time. 

6. Before picking something unhealthy next time, smell a fruit to distract your brain from the enticement of junk and turn towards nature. Science says, smelling a pear or melon before eating a junk instantly convinces your brain to go for fruity dessert. 

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