Cerebral Palsy- Restricted Body Movement In Children

Human body movements are affected in a number of ways. Cerebral Palsy is one such condition which affects bodily movements. It is a common childhood disability. Children face it difficult to move certain parts of their bodies. It may be low in some and severe in someone else. This condition is caused primarily because of damage to the brain and its functions. The voluntary and involuntary movements of the body are affected. 

This is not a communicable condition and is treated by multiple doctors instead of seeing just one. This is because the signs and symptoms are multi-faceted. The symptoms improve over time, parents need to devour a good amount of time to ensure this condition is not carried in further growth stages of their child.


What to keep in mind before its treatment?


A child suffering from cerebral palsy does not only need correction of their physical abilities. There are social and emotional aspects attached to the condition. While treating the overall disease, it is important to ensure all aspects are treated and not only the physical abilities.

Many children seem fine with their disabilities which is a good thing. However, deep inside they might want their parents to take the first step in knowing if things are alright and can be cured. 

Although this may sound typical and abnormal, before admissioning your child to a doctor, it's important to speak to him/her to know if the feelings are normal.


Physical Therapy


The first most important part of curing cerebral palsy is physical therapy. The type of physical therapy to be employed entirely depends on the issues the child is facing. Physical therapy is known to improve abilities of strength, posture, mobility, balance and the like. The child’s motor capabilities are assessed prior to initiating any sort of physical therapy.

The therapy equipment includes resistance bands, weights, machines muscle relaxing techniques based on what the child requires.

Scoliosis (spinal arch) and shortened ligaments are some particular developmental issues that are treated with physical therapy. Non-intrusive treatment is a vital bar, as these issues can decay after some time. Legitimate treatment may improve the conditions of a child strolling freely.


Physical Therapy is recommended right on time to stop future difficulties like contractures—a shortening of muscles and ligaments that may become excruciating and is basic in spastic encephalopathy. 

Quality instructing practices additionally are valuable for children with dyskinetic cerebral palsy who have free muscles and may get atrophy.

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Brain Examination


Cerebrum imaging advancements uncover territories of damage or unusual improvement inside the brain. These tests include:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)- an MRI uses radio waves and an attractive transition to give a 3-D or cross-sectional photos of your child’s cerebrum. Abnormalities in your child’s brain are identified with this Test. This test does not cause any pain, however, the noise of the machine may cause disturbance and may take as long as an hour to finish.

Cranial ultrasound- This is performed all through initial stages. A bone ultrasound utilizes high-recurrence sound waves to get photos of the cerebrum. Ultrasound doesn't give a detailed picture, anyway it is utilized because it's quick and reasonable, and it gives an important fundamental evaluation of the mind.


Orthotics are gadgets used to mentor significant muscle groups and are commonly a territory of exercise based recuperation. Supports, props are likewise utilized to help kids with high or low muscle tone. For instance, kids with spinal bend are frequently fitted with plastic support to address the ebb and flow of the spine as they develop. These gadgets empower versatility, balance and proper movement.


Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy enables kids with encephalopathy to improve fine aptitudes. This therapy is utilized to lift gross motor work, anyway, it doesn't focus on fine motor functioning of the body. Individuals with a cerebral palsy battle with coordinative aptitudes for doing things like holding a spoon or putting it in the mouth. Be that as it may, Occupational Therapists normally work with physical and language instructors to make an entire treatment plan.

Medical procedure - Surgery

A child may have to undergo a medical procedure, precisely surgery if the side effects are extreme. For example, the medical procedures can extend solid, firmly contracted muscles. A doctor performing the surgery may place arms or legs in correct positions to improve an unusually curving spine. In some cases, if various medications haven't worked, a specialist can cut damaged nerves to treat unusual, spastic developments.

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