COVID-19 Vaccine- Myths vs. Facts

Almost after a year of the COVID-19 outbreak, vaccines are here to protect us from the coronavirus. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were the first to get certified for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration. 


Many other vaccines are on their way to get certified for emergency use. Medical science worked quickly to find the best practical and safe possible measures that can be used on humans to treat coronavirus infection.


The virus has spread all over the world and affected millions of people, and is still prevailing. Thus, almost every person needs the vaccine, and the suppliers are limited right now. Therefore, people taking care of COVID-19 patients are the first ones to get vaccinated. 


As always, whenever something(vaccine) new comes into action, rumors are circulating about the COVID-19 vaccine. To keep the people informed about the facts and myths regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, Dennis Cunnigham, M.D of infection control and prevention with Ford Health System, will help us know the truthful information about the vaccine through this article.


Is There A Safe Vaccine For The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)?

You will get to know the answer to this question after learning the following myths and facts, such as:-


Myth No 1:


COVID-19 vaccine may alter human DNA.


Fact: The first COVID-19 vaccine that came into existence contains messenger RNA(mRNA), which instructs cells to form spike protein present on coronavirus cells.


This protein spike helps the human immune system build a response by creating antibodies and fighting against the infection. 


This mRNA helps immune cells prepare for the infection by building spike protein but does not enter the human cells' nucleus where DNA is present. Soon after the immune system starts to respond, the mRNA gets eliminated from the body.


Thus, the COVID-19 vaccine has nothing to do with DNA alteration.  


Myth No 2:


The COVID-19 vaccine might be unsafe as it is prepared so quickly


Fact: It took almost one year for medical science to prepare a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine for humans. Do you still think it was too quick? 


Secondly, the vaccine's effectiveness is determined by the screening tests through which every vaccine passes, the rigorous Food and Drug Administration process. The COVID-19 vaccine has undergone each and every screening of the Food and Drug Administration. 


Despite this, we should be obliged for the unprecedented worldwide collaboration and investment for preparing the vaccine within a shorter timeframe. 


Therefore, what’s important is the screening process results through which the COVID-19 vaccine passes and not the timeframe for preparing the vaccine.


Myth No 3:


The COVID-19 vaccine may result in infertility in women


Fact: On December 10, The New York Times reported rumors spreading about the COVID-19 vaccine saying that the vaccine increases the risk of developing infertility in women. It is because of an ingredient present in the vaccine that interferes with the placenta's development, increasing the risk of infertility. 


A very small quantity of amino acids is shared between the spike protein and placental protein, which is too less enough to trigger infertility.


As The New York Times reported about the rumor, Dr. Bernstein says the CDC will look after the coming months' screening procedures. 


Myth No 4:


You don't require the vaccine once you get infected with COVID-19 infection.


Fact: There is not enough evidence to know about the immunity generated by the immune system after getting infected by COVID-19. People getting infected with the coronavirus develop immunity differently, and the scientist does not know on which grounds their immunity is based after getting infected with COVID-19.


However, there are cases when people are get infected twice with coronavirus. But the parameters on the basis of which a person may get reinfected is not yet confirmed. You can read here about this uncertainty.


Overall, people are getting infected by the coronavirus twice. This means a vaccine is needed even if you got infected with COVID-19.


Myth No 5:


The COVID-19 vaccine causes unwanted side effects, such as cancer or autism.


Fact: There is no such certified vaccine that causes cancer and autism type of severe disease as the vaccine's side effect. You can think on your own. Will FDA approve a vaccine that can prevent you from COVID-19 by infecting you will cancer or autism!


There is no point in promoting such medicine that will cause you another deadly disease in order to get rid of one. One of a branch of CDC, Immunization Safety Office works on researching to find out the adverse events that are reported by the scientists or doctors.


Myth No 6:


You may get infected with the COVID-19 after taking the vaccine.


Fact: Medical officials like Dr. Cunningham and Jill Foster, MD, agreed with the statement, ‘There is no virus in the vaccine, so it cannot infect you.’ If the vaccine itself will start spreading the infection, what’s the point of making the vaccine?


These vaccines work by introducing the protein that the virus has on its surface to the human body. Such protein helps the human immune system produce antibodies that can fight or digest the protein sample in the vaccine, which is similar to the coronavirus spike protein.


Just because a sample of the spike protein present in the vaccine is similar to the coronavirus protein does not mean the vaccine contains a live virus. The protein present in the vaccine is not harmful to the human immune system. It just prepares the immune system to react, making sure when the actual virus will enter the body, it fights in the same manner.


Myth No 7:


You may experience unwanted side effects, such as allergic reactions after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.


Fact: As per Dr. Cunningham, there are no such long term allergic reactions to the vaccine, it might appear within minutes to hours of receiving the vaccine. As the medical officers are not receiving any case of severe side effects due to the vaccine, they confirm the usage of the COVID-19 vaccine.


The Botton Line

We hope the article will help you know the difference between the vaccine's myths and facts. Therefore, do not go with the rumors that are being spread among the people. Instead, study the facts so that you can land yourself safely even during such pandemics.