How It Goes When You Decide To Quit Smoking

Beginnings are always difficult. Begin anyway.

Trying to get rid of an addiction is one thing that requires a huge amount of courage. The first and most important thing is to prepare yourself mentally to give up on a habit. If you conquer the first step, the road becomes even more difficult since the aftermath that your body faces may break your will power and coerce you to give up on the idea. The best way to keep yourself from beating a retreat from your one good decision, learn about all the consequences that your body will be facing and prepare for them beforehand. While the first few days will be excruciating and you will feel like putting on your running shoes but hold on, things are soon going to be better than they have ever been. 

Following are the aftereffects that your body faces once you quit smoking :

1. Drop-in heart rate

Within 1 hour of quitting smoking, you shall experience a drop in your heartbeat rate since smoking increases the blood pressure and heart rate. 

2. Reduction of carbon monoxide from body

Carbon monoxide is a fatal gas that enters your respiratory system with every drag of a cigarette. When you manage to spend 12 hours without smokes, your body gets the time to clean the carbon monoxide from the system. Reduction of this harmful gas allows an increase of oxygen level in the body. 

3.  Reduced risk of heart diseases

Smoking reduces good cholesterol from the body and increases blood pressure. This results in hindrance for the body to carry out cardiovascular activities. After 1 day of leaving smoking, your blood pressure comes down to normal level and oxygen content in the body also increases. This enables the heart to carry out its operations without hindrance thus reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes. 

4. Better Smell and Taste sense

When you have managed to keep yourself at bay from smokes for 2 days, you will experience enhancement in your hearing and smelling senses. This is because smoking damages the nerve ends thereby hampering senses. 

5. Nicotine withdrawal

When consumption of nicotine is blocked for the 3rd day, the body will start draining the nicotine present inside. However, this leads to nicotine withdrawal and this is when the person will face serious nicotine cravings and severe headaches. Be prepared for extreme mood swings.

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6. Better body functioning

Congratulations on completing 1 month without smoking. This is when you shall experience increased capacity of the body to do physical activities and a notable boost in energy level. This is because your body has cleaned itself to a great deal and the heart is in a much happier state which results in much better functioning. 

Till the next several months, your body will continue the process of healing which will slowly, improve your circulation thus resulting in better body functioning. 

7. The healing period of cilia. 

Cilia are the hair-like projection found on the lungs that helps to move the debris and other foreign particles out of the lungs. Smoking covers cilia with the particles of carbon monoxide thus resulting in disrupted functioning of lungs and increase in infections. 

After 9 months of quitting smoking, the cilia will clean themselves, therefore, enabling refined lung functioning and improvement in lung infection. 

8. Decreased Coronary Risks

Smoking affects the functioning of arteries to a great extent. After 1 year of quitting smoking, there is a significant improvement in the functioning of arteries thus decreasing the risk of coronary heart diseases

9. Widened arteries and blood vessels.

Certain toxins present in the blood may cause constriction of blood vessels and arteries which is a serious problem for the circulation of blood in the body. Once you have quit smoking for 5 years, the blood has almost cleaned itself which results in widening of arteries and blood vessels thus improving the blood circulation and reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

10. Chances of Cancer reduced to half

But you should know that it takes 10 years after quitting smoking that the chances of lung, throat, mouth and pancreatic cancer are reduced to half as compared to a regular smoker.

11. Reduced chances of coronary diseases

After 15 years of non-smoking period, a person’s coronary disease and pancreatic cancer’s chances are reduced to the same level as that of a non-smoker

12. Bidding bye to the demon

20 years down the non-smoking period, the chances of dying of cancer or other smoke-induced reasons are brought down to the same level of a non-smoker.

It is possible to recover from the hazards of smoking once you put an end to the addiction but the noticeable point is that it takes a huge, HUGE amount of time for the body to recover. The real problem arises when the will power tries to retreat in a time span as long as 20 years. Therefore, it is prudent to say that will power is what plays a major role in quitting smoking and everything else is secondary. 

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