Do You Know About The Types Of Intelligence?

We all know what an intelligence is. Intelligence is basically a term used for intellectual ability of an individual. The intelligence is measured by IQ (Intelligence quotient) of an individual, higher the IQ, the brighter a person. Intelligence can be defined as the ability of a person to solve a problem and to adapt to and learn from life’s everyday experience such as the ability to solve problems, ability to carry out abstract thinking, and it includes characteristics such as creativity and interpersonal skills.

In general terms, intelligence can also be defined as the capability of the mind to learn different things and to take benefit from the things learned. Intelligence does not stay the same throughout but can be changed. Also, it can not only be changed but can be taught to others. Every person can improve each of the various intelligence to a particular level.

According to Gardner, there are different types of intelligence and he believes that each one of us has almost all types of intelligence but in different degrees. There are total 9 types of intelligence and below is the list of the types of intelligence:

1. Naturalistic intelligence

Naturalistic intelligence is defined as a sensitivity towards nature and towards its details and intricacies. People having naturalistic intelligence has an empathy towards both, the living and non-living such as plants, animals, sand, rock, water, start, snails and many more. This type of intelligence involves nature and natural surroundings. Naturalists are keen in learning or understanding the subject that involves observing, collecting, analyzing or something that is related to nature. Some of the traits that an individual with naturalistic intelligence has may include:

  • Are environmentally conscious
  • Liking for scenic places
  • Love caring and interacting with animals
  • Are sensitive towards nature

2. Musical intelligence

You must have noticed that some people have a strong musical knowledge and they can easily learn to plan an instrument as they can repeat rhythm patterns and pitch. Typically, this is due to the musical intelligence, such people are born with this type of intelligence in a high degree. Generally, people having musical intelligence have a long term memory and can play the entire composition without reading the score. This type of intelligence gives the ability to an individual to detect, generate, reproduce, and contemplate the music as clearly as exhibited by the producer or composer. Some of the traits that people having musical intelligence include:

  • Enjoy singing and playing musical instruments
  • Good understanding of musical structures
  • Can communicate through music
  • Are good at remembering songs.

3. Logical Mathematical intelligence

Logical mathematical intelligence involves a type of people who carry the ability to calculate and carry out mathematical operations. Logical mathematical intelligence involves various factors that are related to the analytical, synthetic and integrated functioning of the mind. It has been observed that young adults who have this type of intelligence are often involved or are attracted to logic puzzles, experiments, and questions that require strategy. Some of the traits that people having logical mathematical intelligence may include:

  • Are good at problem solving
  • Are fascinated with patterns
  • Enjoys figuring things out
  • Explore different patterns
  • Ask questions

4. Existential intelligence

Normally people are not very involved in the thoughts that are associated with an existence. But people having existential intelligence are involved in deep thoughts regarding why and how about life and death. Existential thinking involves understanding and maintaining a sense of meaning in the lives. People having existential intelligence are keen on understanding everything about the existence of human beings. They need to know why humans are born and why do they die. They are engaged in research about a lot of questions regarding the existence. In short, they want to know the meaning of life.

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5. Interpersonal intelligece

Interpersonal intelligence means having a strong ability to understand the feelings and thoughts of people around them. People having interpersonal intelligence have the ability to read the reactions of the people and show empathy. This allows others to feel understood. Also, these people have a strong social sensitivity and due to this reason, they are liked by almost everyone. Almost everyone feels that their pain and problems can be understood by them. Some of the traits that people having interpersonal intelligence may include:

  • They are good communicators
  • Extrovert
  • Have the ability to understand the desires of others
  • Are good at discussion

6. Bodily kinesthetic intelligence

Bodily kinesthetic intelligence involves the people who have who have an almost perfect sense of timing and it also includes certain physical skills such as coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and dexterity. People having bodily kinesthetic intelligence have a sense of perfection. Children having this type of intelligence love to be involved in activity and movement. These people are the learners who learn best through movements and experiments. Some of the traits that people having bodily kinesthetic intelligence may include:

  • Good physical coordination
  • Involvement in outdoor activities
  • Doing actions in an orderly manner
  • Appreciating handmade things

7. Linguistic intelligence

Linguistic intelligence is the ability to play with words, that can be spoken or written. People having linguistic intelligence love to talk and at the same time, they love to read and write. They are good at learning through the way of reading, making notes, attending the lectures and debates. Some of the traits that are present in people having linguistic intelligence may include:

  • Sensitive towards all aspects of languages
  • Keen to learn a new language
  • Are good at memorizing
  • Are good at telling stories
  • Often talk about what they have read
  • Good at spellings

8. Intrapersonal intelligence

Having intrapersonal intelligence means having the ability to know the feelings and inner thoughts of an individual. Usually, people having this type of intelligence are introvert. Also most often, these people are philosophical and plan the directions for life. Some of the traits that are present in people having intrapersonal intelligence may include:

  • Are independent minded
  • Can work well alone
  • Are motivational
  • Are insightful
  • Are strong willed

9. Spatial intelligence

Spatial intelligence includes dynamic imagination, mental imaginary, graphics skills, image manipulation, and spatial reasoning. The creativity level in people having spatial intelligence is high. These people are often involved in creative things and it has been observed that young adults with this type of intelligence are engaged in solving puzzles. They love to involve in things that involve creativity.