Do you know everything about breast cancer?

According to the research, 1 out of every 8 women in The United States will develop breast cancer within her lifetime. Men are also diagnosed with breast cancer but there are far fewer men as compared to women who got the treatment for breast cancer. Out of 1000 men, 1 man faces the risk of breast cancer which is less than women.

So, the question arises that What exactly is breast cancer and how does it take place?

Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancer in women and develops when cells in the breast start growing uncontrollably. These dangerous cells when combined together form tumor that could be seen on an X-Ray. It becomes a lump on the breast that could even be felt. The tumor is dangerous when it metastasize to different parts of the body. The cells could create complexities when spread to distant parts of the body.

The genesis of Breast Cancer:

It can form anywhere in the breast of the woman. In some cases, the lumps formed could be benign and not cancerous. The breast cancer could spread from the blood (when cells travel to the blood) and are transported to other parts of the body. There is a clear fluid present in the lymph vessels that contains all the waste products of tissue. The cancer cells enter those lymph vessels and start developing the nodes. That results in breast cancer.

Types of Breast Cancer:

There are various kinds of cancer:

  • Ductal Cancer: When cancer spreads in the ducts that transport milk to the nipples, it causes ductal cancer. It is invasive cancer and has high chances of successful treatment.
  • Lobular Cancer: Some cancer starts in the glands of the breasts that produce milk. It is invasive cancer that means the cells of cancer break out of the lobules and spread to other parts of the breast.
  • Mucinous Cancer: They are formed from the cells that produce mucus. It is also sometimes referred to as colloid carcinoma.
  • Paget’s disease of the nipple: This type of cancer starts developing in the duct of the breast and then slowly reach to the nipples and area surrounding it. You could notice redness around the nipple if any such condition occurs.

There are some signs that when you notice could lead to breast cancer like:

  • Redness around nipples
  • Lump in the breast or armpit
  • Bloody discharge from the nipples
  • Breast pain
  • Sore breast
  • Change in the shape of breast
  • Inverted nipple

Risk Factors:

To understand the risk factors for breast cancer, you must know that anything that makes you more vulnerable to having drug cancer is termed as risk factors. They may be related to personal behaviors, eating habits etc.

Some are:

Alcohol: The consumption of alcohol has directly been linked to breast cancer. The risk increases with the increase in the intake of alcohol. Women who take one alcoholic drink have fewer chances of increase in cancer as compared to the ones who drink 3-4 glasses a day.

Obesity: Being overweight increases your risk of breast cancer women before menopause. It may have different kinds of effects on cancer.

Not having children: Women who did not have children or are trying to have them after 30 yrs of age are vulnerable to breast cancer. Getting pregnant at an early age reduces your risk of developing cancer

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer:

Though breast cancer could be diagnosed with the signs and symptoms, there are some great imaging techniques that could diagnose cancer even before the symptoms persist. They are:

Mammograms: It is a screening tool that detects early breast cancer effectively. It performs an X-Ray of the breast and analyzes the changes that may seem like the signs of breast cancer. They often show abnormal changes in the breast which when tested can confirm whether it is breast cancer or not.

Biopsy: In a biopsy, the doctors remove the cells from the suspected area in the breast and analyze them in the test. The test tells whether a person has breast cancer or not.

Treatments available for Breast Cancer:

Many treatments are done on the patients of breast cancer like:

Surgery: In surgery, the affected part of the breast will be removed which is also called a partial mastectomy.All the brain tissues are removed and immediate reconstruction of the cells is done.

Radiation Therapy: In this therapy, an affected region is exposed to high beam radiations that are emitted by machines. It destroys the cancer cells with the high beam of energy rays.

Chemotherapy: In this, the cancer cells are treated with medicines that spread through the bloodstream to the cancer cells. The medications can be given by shots or medicines.

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