Do you know some hypertension medications?

Sometimes the pressure with which blood is flowing down your arteries gets higher and it results in hypertension. In that case, there is a persistent elevation in the rate of blood pressure which could be really harmful to the body.

There are a variety of classes of drugs and each class includes a number of different drugs. The drugs are also called anti-hypersensitive that brings the pressure of blood down to a normal range.

Sometimes it could be problematic as to what kind of drugs to pick if you also have hypertension. Multiple questions evolve in your mind like:

  • When to take medication?
  • At what range should the drugs be taken?
  • How your body is reacting after the intake of the drug?

These are some questions that must be solved before taking any kind of medication so as not to be unaware of any kinds of ill-effects.

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Sometimes, when your condition is too extreme, you may need more than one pill so as to regulate the blood pressure and keep it under control. To know what kind of drugs are best for your health, you must have a good talk with your doctor.

There are various classifications of drugs available:

  1. Diuretics

  2. Beta Blockers

  3. Alpha Blockers

  4. Ace Inhibitors

  5. ARBs

  6. Direct Renin Inhibitors

  7. Calcium Channel Blockers

To know about the details of them:

  • Diuretics: It is one of the categories which is also called the “water pill” which is used to increase the amount of sugar and salt in the body which are expelled as urine from it. They also make you pass more urine than usually, it does. If your body has too much salt, then the level of fluidity in your body could rise resulting in high blood pressure.

Some common diuretics are:

        1. Amiloride

        2. Furosemide

        3. Indapamide

        4. Furosemide etc.

  • Beta Blockers: They are also called beta-adrenergic which are the blocking agents helpful in reducing the blood pressure. Epinephrine is the hormone which is commonly known as adrenaline is used as a blocking medium. It makes the heart beat a bit slower resulting in the drop in blood pressure by making the blood travel towards the blood vessels with slow force.

The common beta blockers available are:

      1. Atenolol

      2. Betaxolol

      3. Acebutolol

      4. Propranolol etc

  • Alpha Blockers: Also called alpha-adrenergic blockers are the categories of drugs that are used to lower the blood pressure and benign the prostate hyperplasia. These medicines help in the improved urine flow in older men with the prostate problem.

Some examples of Alpha blockers are:

         1. Doxazosin

         2. Prazosin etc

  • Ace Inhibitors: ACE stands for Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors that prevent the enzymes from producing angiotensin. It is a substance that narrows down the blood vessels and releases other harmful hormones that are responsible for increasing the blood pressure in the body.

Some Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors are:

         1. Benazepril

         2. Perindopril

         3. Quinapril

         4. Ramipril

         5. Fosinopril etc

  • ARBs: It stands for Angiotensin-receptor blocker that blocks the hormone which narrows the blood vessels make it harmful to the human body. It also helps to prevent that hormone from sticking to your blood vessels.

Example includes:

        1. Eprosartan

        2. Candesartan

        3. Losartan

        4. Valsartan

  • Direct Renin Inhibitors: They perform almost the same functions that ACE inhibitors and ARBs perform. It tightens the blood vessels and helps in improved blood pressure. The only difference is that they work on the enzyme renin which is released.

One of the Direct Renin inhibitors is Aliskiren

  • Calcium Channel Blockers: They are helpful in making the arteries of the wall relaxed which makes them wider and also improve the blood pressure. They don’t let calcium get into various muscles in the heart and blood vessels so as to make it harder for electric signals. It also helps to ease your heart rate making smooth blood flow and improved blood pressure.

Few Calcium Channel Blockers are:

        1. Amlodipine

        2. Bepridil

        3. Felodipine etc.

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Things to take care of before using any kind of medication:

  • Do make sure to consult your doctor and take the proper prescription from him.
  • Tell your doctor about your complete medical history.
  • If you have any fluid problem and you experience any kind of side-effects, let your doctor know.
  • Make sure that the expiration date of the drug has not been exhausted.