Do you know the 3 Different kinds of Tumors?

A small clump of tissue that may be solid but is filled with fluid are tumors. When cells in the body grow abnormally and form a lump or swelling, it may be the sign of a tumor. The Tumor is also called neoplasm which is an abnormal new growth of cells. If not treated, they grow more rapidly and may be the cause of cancer. They may be curable (also called benign tumor) or malignant(cancerous tumors). They may have variable sizes. Tumors can arise in any body part cell.

Types of Tumors:

  • Benign
  • Pre Malignant
  • Malignant

They are different kinds of tumors.

  • Benign: These tumors do not result in cancer. They are also called non-malignant cancer. It will remain in its normal form. If once removed, they could not grow back. They also tend to have a regular and smooth shape and also have a covering called capsule. Sometimes, they may result in an excess amount of production of hormones.

Examples of benign tumors:

Fibroids: A benign tumor that can grow on the connective tissues of the organ. One of the most common is uterine fibroids that affect the genital areas in man and woman. They cause pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, discomfort etc.

Some may cause symptoms and require proper treatment.

Hemangiomas: They are benign tumors that cause an excess amount of blood cells. Usually found on the surface of the skin, they are also termed as strawberry marks. Most of them appear during birth but gradually go away after some months. They are not dangerous, but if they are affecting the way you eat, laugh etc, then you must consult the doctor and tell him your problem.

  • Lipomas: Most common form of tissue tumor which contains fat cells. Most of them are small, painless and soft. They usually affect people of age 40 yrs or above.

Pre Malignant Tumors: They are some abnormal cells that may grow into cancer if not treated. They need a close monitoring. Some of them may disappear without any changes but some need proper treatment. If no attention paid to the problem, it could develop into cancer.

Examples include:

Cervical Dysplasia: The change in the normal cells that lines the cervix. This if left untreated may result in cervical cancer. It is most common in women aged between 25 to 35 yrs. It could be removed with different techniques like freezing technique.

Metaplasia of the lung: This complication occurs in the tubes that are responsible for the transportation of air from the windpipe to the lung. It is the most commonly caused by smoking.

Atypia: It means that cells are a little bit abnormal. It may be caused by inflammation.

  • Malignant Tumors: They are the fatal tumors. Also called cancerous treatment, they develop quickly and can spread to any part of the body. This process is also called metastasis. The harmful cells multiply at a greater rate increasing the complications.

Different kinds of malignant tumors include:

Carcinoma: The cells of these tumors develop in epithelial cells. For example, they occur in the stomach, prostate, breast, liver, colon etc. Most of these tumors are cancerous.

Sarcoma: They generally arise in connective tissues such as cartilage, fats, bones, and nerves etc. They originate in the cells outside the bone marrow.

Blastoma: The tumors formed from developing cells are called blastoma. Children are more prone to it as compared to the adults.

Examples include a tumor in the retina of the eye, bone tumor, a tumor of the nervous system.

Germ Cell Tumor: They are the tumors made up of cells that give life and egg cells. They mostly occur in ovaries or testicles.

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