Essentials to pack for the hospital: Pregnancy Checklist

If you are a mom-to-be and are expecting your delivery anytime soon, it is necessary to prepare your hospital bag so that at the last moment, nothing gets left out. Now’s the time to gather all the things that you will need during labor and birth. So, if you are 36 weeks pregnant, it’s time you pack your hospital bag. It is also necessary for both man and woman to make a list of what they will need in case of labor. There are chances that you might have spent past several days thinking about your delivery and when you will finally get to meet your baby. You made all the room changes, color changes, but still, you have to prepare for your hospital bags.

Here is a list of essentials that you should pack before going to the hospital:

For Mummas:

This is the list for the mother-to-be who is going to bring one more life to the world. Make sure to include them in your checklist:

  • Documents: If you are going to the delivery, make sure that you have kept all the documents with you. All your IDs, medical history papers, your reports, birth-plan, insurance card etc.
  • Travel-sized toiletries: These are some things that you will definitely require. This bag of toiletries includes toothpaste, shampoos, conditioner, body wash, lotion, face wash. Pack things that you use in your daily lives.
  • Comfortable Clothes: If you take our advice, trust us, hospital gowns don’t sound and look appealing. So, why not bring your own robe, gown, t-shirt, slippers, shorts. But yes, keep one thing in mind, if you are planning to bring your own clothes, understand one thing that during labor or postpartum, they may get spoiled with blood as well as body fluids. So you would have to throw them. You can also bring flip-flops that you wear in the home as your feet could get swollen or blistered. Also, bring clothes that you have to wear after the birth of a baby. You can wear the same clothes that you came wearing to the hospital.
  • Personal Care Items: You may at least spend 2 days in a hospital, so you will definitely need personal care items. To freshen you up you can pack some face-wipes, cleaners etc if you are not allowed to take a bath.

For Daddies:

Not just mothers need basic things to pack for their hospital bag, fathers equally need some things for themselves while taking care of their woman. Here is a list:

  • Clothes: Just like mothers will be in the hospital, daddies will also be there along with their lady to take care of her and pamper her. They must carry with themselves some comfy clothes, so they could run for something urgent if asked by the doctor. Bring a couple of undergarments and extra T-shirts to make yourself feel more refreshed.
  • Personal Care Items: If your man can’t live a day without brushing or shaving, you could carry his personal belongings.
  • Technology: Every man wants to capture the first moment of his baby to be born. So, you can just pack some cameras or mobile phones along with their charger, so you can keep all the moments in your memories and cameras safe forever.
  • Snacks: If you are the mommy, you might not eat during labor, but your partner certainly wants to. So keep some snacks in handy so that you can save some time that he could spend in going to the cafeteria. After the birth, you can enjoy some light snacks as well.

For Baby:

  • Baby Outfit: After the baby being born, you want to wrap him in beautiful colors of clothing. Considering the weather, keep the suitable baby clothes with you. You can pack various sizes so you could be prepared for all the situations.
  • Blanket: Though it comes in handy while at the hospital, it is still advised to keep one for security.

These are some essential items that you could keep in your hospital bag to avoid any problem. Share it with all your friends and family to keep them aware.