3 Everyday Things To Get Healthy Locks


Everyone strives for healthy hair, regardless of length and texture. But today, In everyday life, we all come in contact with various different factors, humidity, damage, and various medical illness. To some extent all the factors affect hair, make them freezy and more likely to get damage. It requires proper care.

Hair is one of the most important portions of the body that makes you look beautiful and all of us work towards making the hair look glossy, silky and healthy. In order to get healthy hair, we use multiple personal care products that contain various harmful ingredients. But most often we do not see much results and end up with frizzy and damaged hair. Various factors can deteriorate and weaken the hair and make them look dry and brittle. There are many cosmetic treatments available but sometimes poor ingredients are being used to repair the damaged hair and can have poor compatibility with hair. 

1. Egg

Eggs are the sources of proteins, fats, and micronutrients that play an important role in the nutrition. An egg is an inexpensive and highly nutritious food which provide various vitamins and minerals. There are some pieces of evidence that suggest that egg is not only beneficial for healthy living but it is beneficial for hair health as well.  

Nowadays products that guarantee are blended with an antibody having immunological activity in order to repair hair damage. Multiple studies suggest that these antibodies are obtained from an egg yolk. It binds the hair and prevents the occurrence if hair damage. Sometimes hair fall is the symptom of an underlying disease. There is scientific evidence that egg contains various active biologically compound that have a role in the prevention of various infectious disease including disorders that are associated with scalp and hair. Some compounds that are reported to be present in egg include antimicrobial, immunomodulator, antioxidant, and anti-hypertensive properties. The yolk of the egg is rich in fats and proteins, is naturally moisturizing, while the egg white contains bacteria-eating enzymes, and removes the unwanted oils.

Way to use egg

Take the mixture of the egg and apply it all over the hair. Leave the hair for around 20 minutes and later, wash it properly.

2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a natural plant that contains a wide range of benefits and has been used for centuries for its health, beauty, hair, medicinal and skin care. This medicinal plant is said to have many nourishing agents for the hair. The benefits of aloe vera on the hair are many. Aloe vera is used for hair loss treatment. It contains contents that prevent hair loss by protecting the scalp against any diseases. Aloe vera is also a beneficial therapy of reducing dandruff. When aloe vera is used on a daily basis or frequently, it not only stops hair fall but it also helps in hair regrowth. Also, moisturization is the key to maintain the health of hair and aloe vera helps in retaining the moisture of the hair and as a result clean scalp and less likely to develop a disease.

May researchers report that aloe vera is used as one of the effective treatment methods for alopecia and baldness. Baldness is one of the most common problems of the hair and aloe vera juice contains many substances that facilitate the penetration of the nutrients to revitalize the hair bulb, strengthen hair and promote regrowth.


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Way to use aloe vera

Mix the aloe vera juice with coconut oil and massage your scalp with the mixture before shampooing the hair.  

3. Avocado

Avocado has several culinary and health benefits. It has various uses as a natural cosmetic, as a natural sunscreen and as a moisturizer for hair. A large number of researchers have reported that avocado is one of the fruits that is widely used for the treatment of hair loss and other hair disorders. It is an effective method to keep the hair locks, shiny, glossy and healthy. Avocado contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals such as lutein, phenolic, antioxidant, and phytosterol that are associated with various benefits, including its benefits on hair.

Avocado acts as a protective barrier that protects the development of any hair disorders and makes the hair hydrated and soft. Dehydration or lack of moisturizer is one of the main cause of hair loss and increases the risk of suffering from greater hair loss.  Avocado contains many vitamins and other nutritional ingredients that acts as a conditioner and promote health and soft hair.

Also, avocado is rich in omega fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acid and omega 9 fatty acid and both of these omega fatty acids play an important role in keeping the hair healthy and nutritional. It nourishes the hair follicles and results in hair growth.

Way to use avocado

Mash the avocado completely and make it lump free. Add coconut to it and massage your hair with the mixture before shampooing the hair.





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