5 everyday things to take care of diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone that regulated the blood sugar of the body. There are two types of diabetes. Type one diabetes is a condition which occurs due to the lack of insulin in the body. Type two is a condition which occurs because of body’s ineffective use of insulin. The major cause of diabetes is an excess sugar level in the body and in a long run it can show the side effects on heart, eyes, kidney etc.. Therefore managing diabetes is important and a diabetic patient can do it by bringing few changes in everyday lifestyle.

1. Maintaining healthy diet

Eating healthy food is the most important thing the diabetic patient should do manage diabetes. People with diabetes need to make a proper diet routine and it is vital for the health. What you eat and how much you eat is the most important factor that affects the glucose level of the body. Eating healthy food in regular amount helps in regulating the blood sugar. According to the dietician, one should eat three meals at regular intervals and it should include the healthiest food such as fruits, vegetables, starchy food etc.. It helps you get a healthy weight and reduces the risk of complications due to diabetes.

2. Regular physical exercise

According to studies, physical exercise has a direct impact on the sugar level of the body and losing a very little percent of weight can create the significant impact on cholesterol level and blood pressure. By increasing the sensitivity of body’s tissues, physical activity increases the effectiveness of insulin. It decreases blood pressure and helps in weight management. It also lowers the risk of facing any complications on other body parts due to diabetes. It lowers the risk of heart diseases and increases high energy level. Overall it improves the quality of life. Maintaining physical activity is the best thing you can do to fight diabetes.

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3. Good Sleep

Sleep plays an important part in every person's life and sleep deprivation can lead to many health problems. But for a diabetic patient getting a good sleep is extremely vital as sugar level of the body is also related to sleep. Lack of sleep raises sugar level and insulin resistance. Sleep deprivation also lowers the level of the hormone leptin. Leptin is a hormone of energy expenditure that regulates energy level by inhibiting hunger. With short sleep duration, leptin is likely to increase appetite and an increase BMI is observed.

4. Reduce stress

It is true that one can never stay away from stress. Everyone has stress in their lives but trying to bring down the level of stress is possible. For a diabetic person stress is the worst thing and for them, stress management is not important for relaxation but it is important to maintain the blood sugar level in the body. When you are under stress, the body makes cortisol which is a stress hormone and cortisol increases the sugar level of the body, hence it becomes more difficult to manage diabetes.

5. Regular checkup

Regular checkup with your doctor is the best key to control diabetes. It will help you get to know about the proper functioning of your body. For example, the A1c test will tell you the average sugar level of the last three months, blood tests can help you know if your kidneys are working properly. Blood pressure is known to be a silent killer and diabetes patients often deal with high blood pressure. Regular check up also helps you in managing blood pressure.

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