Fight With Depression In Five Simple Ways

Depression is said to be a mental disorder that is characterised by depressed mood, low self-esteem, reduces concentration or loss of interest in doing activities in daily life. The complexity of the daily life is usually a reason for depression. Depression is a treatable disease and there is a hope. It may help you recover quickly. Being depressed does not mean that you are weak, it is a disease which needs a treatment. Treatment of depression is helpful but there are things that you can do in addition to your medical treatment.

1. Think positive

The first and the most important step to fight depression is to think positive and let go all the negative thoughts that are present in your head. This means looking for good things about the life rather than looking at the bad parts of the situation. Seeing bad parts of your life will make you more depressed and won’t let you come out of the depressed state ever. In order to overcome the feelings of depression it is important to understand and accept one's own feelings. Just remember that every bad thing don’t happen all the time and there are always some parts of life that are going well. At the state of depression, it is hard to see them unless you look at them closely. Try looking at all the positive parts to feel some happiness.

2. Exercise

According to studies, exercise can act as a protective against depression and said to be an effective treatment to reduce depressive symptoms. It has been believed that physical activity throws positive effect on mood and anxiety and it also increases mental health. People who are depressed don’t feel to be active but let yourself do it. A daily walk of 30-40 minutes can majorly affect your mental health and can help you in fighting depression. Physical inactivity may lead to the development of mental disorders which may worsen the mood and increases anxiety. Once you will get into a habit of exercising daily then it won’t take too long to see the change in your mood.

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3. Healthy eating habit

Nowadays depression has become a common disorder and a healthy diet is said to be a tool to reduce anxiety and depression. Along with physical health food plays a vital role in maintaining mental health as well. It is found that nutrients like zinc, vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid and magnesium help in improving the symptoms of depression. These nutrients improve mood and can be obtained from peas, beans, soybean, cabbage, spinach, almonds, broccoli etc.. Effect of depression on appetite varies from person to person. There is a possibility that one person doesn’t feel like eating at all and another person might overeat. Both the cases can affect mental health as proper nutrition influences the mood and energy and help in treating depression.

4. Avoid excessive alcohol

Drinking while being in a depressed state can worsen the symptoms of depression and an excessive drinking can increase the chances of developing depression. Many people who are under depression and are experiencing the feeling of sadness may consume more alcohol in order to divert their mind and sad feelings for some time. This is known as self-medicating and is said to be the worst or least effective way to treat depression. Instead, reducing the consumption of alcohol can reduce the symptoms of depression. Alcohol might help for a short duration but in a long run, it causes lasting effects in the brain.

5. Take a good sleep

“A good sleep is a cure for all problems”

Good quality sleep is said to be the first thing which is compromised when a person is suffering from depression. Sleep is very important for brain health and a depressed people often find it difficult to take a good sleep. It has been noticed that people who are under depression are unable to sleep well and sleep loss can trigger the symptoms of depression. Sleep helps in reducing stress and works on the mood of a person.

Depression is said to be a common problem these days. So, share these tips with your friends and family to help them. Share your views in the comment section below.


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