Food items to opt for healthy teeth

Teeth are like the white pearls that brighten up our face. Beautiful teeth make a beautiful smile. Most of us take really good care of their teeth. Brushing, Flossing, Scraping the tongue are some of the most important things to do regularly so as to keep your teeth healthy. When it comes to your teeth what you eat plays a major role in it. Some food items contribute to the tooth decay. Sugary foods like chocolates, sweets may cause your teeth get decayed. But if you take proper care, the risk might get reduced.

A proper diet is important for the healthy teeth. If your diet is low in nutrients, your mouth can suffer the loss and face infection as well. A poor diet leads to gum diseases as well as tooth decay. Food items that are rich in carbohydrates, sugar, and starches can contribute to the production of plaque acids that are responsible for the decay of tooth.

Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate some healthy food items in your diet so as to manage to keep your teeth healthy.

1. Cheese: If you love cheese, you got one more reason to love it more. Cheese consumption reduces the risk of tooth decay. It is known to be the saliva maker that help put back the minerals that your mouth lost due to other food items. It contains the calcium and protein that strengthens the enamel of your teeth. It makes the mouth more alkaline that reduces the need for dental treatment.

2. Leafy greens: Green vegetables are anyway the great way to keep your body fit. They are rich in calcium, folic acid and other vitamins and minerals that keep your teeth healthy. Leafy greens like spinach, kale are helpful in promoting the dental health. They build your teeth’s enamel.

3. Water: It is one thing that is the solution to most your health problems. In terms of dental care, water washes all the food particles away and keeps the level of saliva high. It is the best defense against all the dental problems like tooth decay, gum problems etc. It has protein and minerals that fight the plague by keeping you hydrated.

4. Apples: Fruits like apples are advised to take as they are rich in fibers as well as water. They produce saliva in the mouth that rinse away all the food particles as well as bacterias from the mouth. Its fibrous structure also stimulates the gums. You can eat an apple at the end of the day for giving the scrub to your teeth.

5. Almonds: Being a good source of calcium and protein while being low in sugar, almonds are great for your teeth. You can enjoy a quarter of almonds with your lunch.

6. Celery: It works like a toothbrush and clears the mouth away by removing all the particles present in the mouth. It is also the perfect snack for good oral health. It is a good source of Vitamin A and C that boosts the health of gums. You can have it with various things like including it in your salads or topping it with cream cheese.

7. Carrots: Being crunchy and full of fiber, they are a great source of Vitamin A. It increases the saliva production in the mouth and reduce the risk of cavities.

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Some food items that you must avoid:

1. Sticky Candies: Candies have always been the biggest foes of teeth. Since candies get in between the teeth where even saliva can’t reach causing plague and damage to the teeth. It is necessary to immediately rinse your mouth after eating the candies.

2. Fruit Juice: Since fruits are good for the human body, but its juice can cause problems in teeth. Whole fruits contain fiber but after getting their juice some carbonated sugar is also added to enrich the taste. It damages the teeth. This is why it is recommended to eat the whole fruit.

3. Carbonated Soft Drinks: One of the most harmful food item for teeth are carbonated soft drinks that are loaded with sugar and contain phosphoric and citric acid that damages the tooth enamel.

This is why it is advisable to consume less sugary items, brush your teeth twice or thrice a day, rinse your mouth immediately after the sugar intake. Floss every day to keep away the germs.