5 Foods that boost male health effectively

In all the aspects, men are different from women. Their nutritional needs are different. Just like women need particular nutrients during pregnancy or periods, similarly, men need particular nutrients to protect themselves from prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and build some muscle health. There are various food items that tend to be favorites among men but, are not the best choices for good health. Maintaining a good diet can help prevent heart disease and cancer which are the two killers of men over 35 yrs. They also improve your performance either it is your boardroom or bedroom. Nutrients that are good for the heart improve the blood circulation to all parts of the body and they also provide a layer of protection against cancer as well as other chronic diseases. They also maintain the functionality of all the organs in the body. It is not just the single food or even a handful of food. The more important thing is the pattern of regularly consuming a diet rich in essential nutrients.

We have compiled the list of 5 food items that can boost men’s health:

1. Berries or Cherries: The blue, violet and red colored berries and cherries are responsible for the healthy properties of the fruits. They are full of health-protecting flavonoid and anthocyanin.Berries contain over 4000 different compounds that have antioxidant properties beyond Vitamin C, so make sure you include these delicious and low-calorie fruits.

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2. Soybeans: Being rich in isoflavones, it protects prostate health and has also shown to lower the risk of prostate cancer. It is a group of naturally occurring plant chemicals that are classified as the phytoestrogen. It is also a belief that soybeans reduce the risk of heart problems in men. It helps lessen the cholesterol of blood when they displace more traditional sources of protein.

3. Watermelon: It is one of the natural sources L-citrulline. It has the amino acid that helps men sustain a firm erection for a long time. It stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which increases the flow of blood to the penis resulting in a firm erection.

4. Apples: An apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away but also help to extend your sexual stamina. All thanks to the high level of quercetin which is known to be an antioxidant flavonoid that plays a great role in improving endurance. Since, our body goes through so many physical changes during sex as it does during exercise like elevated heart rate, burned calories, increased metabolism, you can equate it anytime with this magical fruit.

5. Beetroot: Being a rich source of nitrates, beetroot will help blood flow to your nether regions as well as it will also increase overall blood flow. It is also good for your mind. It improves the circulation of your blood in the entire body. They are found in beets and converted into nitrites. It is also a good source of iron and folate that is also responsible for lowering blood pressure, boosting the performance of exercise, and also prevent dementia.

These 5 food items have shown miraculous results in improving men’s health. Share it with your friends and family to improve their health. Stay Fit Stay Healthy.

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