Gluten For Health - Here Is Farro For You!

The common whole grains advised by maximum nutritionists and doctors are buckwheat, whole wheat, and barley. However, another form of whole-grain known as farro has impressive health benefits and the ability to fit in different recipes in a similar way. 

Just like bulgur wheat, farro makes an alternative grain edition to several dishes. Farro is although filled with gluten, it contains lower levels than today's wheat and if cooked properly, this gluten is predigested and broken down by sprouting and fermentation like a sourdough process. 

This is why farro, though filled with gluten, make itself more attractive than any other form of gluten grain and also suitable for anyone sensitive to gluten. 

Farro And Its Benefits

The other name of farro is emmer in some parts of the world, known to be one of the most primitive sources of wheat grains and used for thousands of years. Today middle eastern regions of the world, Ethiopian regions, and the Mediterranean regions are largely dependent on farro grains for their nutritional benefits. 

The recent admonitions on farro grain have been in parts of Italy and increasing in the US as well the adaptations in other parts of the world have been due to its high fiber content, which is known to be a staging come back as a gourmet specialty. Apart from its fiber content farro is also richly filled with iron protein and magnesium. 

The appearance of farro is similar to that of wheat berries which are light brown with visible bran. it has a nutty flavor and texture similar to that of buckwheat, spelt and other grains. 

The gluten in farro is actually protein gluten, found in all types of wheat and rice grains. This is why it is not considered inappropriate for those who are sensitive to gluten and also those who are on a gluten-free diet, as it is believed to contain less gluten than many modern trends of wheat. People with various intolerances to digest are looking for options to diversify their eating habits, and farro greens might be one such useful addition. 

That being said for those who do not have any sensitivities to gluten there is an important difference between for eating forms of unprocessed wheat grains compared to the refined types of grains that are available in the market. Whole grains are known for the following benefits such as:

  • reduce the risk of numerous inflammatory diseases 
  • reduce the risk of stroke in men 
  • especially whole grains help with better weight maintenance 
  • better insulin resistivity 
  • healthy for those who can consume more dietary fiber which is important for digestion significantly, lowering risk for heart diseases risk factors 

Farro And Its Nutrition Facts

Each of the whole grains that include buckwheat, quinoa, rice have their own advantages and disadvantages. Grains provide a concentrated dose of complex carbohydrates, rich in dietary fiber. 

It is one of the largest sources of dietary fiber, compared with other grains available in the market even more than what is present in rice or buckwheat. Farro grains are known for more positive benefits when it comes to cardiovascular health and digestive issues. The exceptionally high protein content in the grain supplies more than required varieties of minerals and vitamins. 

Half cup of uncooked farro grains have approximately 

  • 8 grams of fiber 
  • 8 grams of protein 
  • 60 grams of magnesium 
  • 150 calories and 
  • 34 grams of carbohydrates. 

Health Benefits

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Heart Health And Immunity Responses

Not only fiber but farro grains are a great start towards antioxidant and oligosaccharide consumptions. They include phenolic compounds. Per the research, farro grains have been linked with many disease prevention studies. This enables major protection that a person seems to have against chronic diseases like 

  • diabetes and 
  • obesity 

They are richly filled with a type of carbohydrate known as Cyanogenic glucosides. these glucosides have shown a positive effect on the immune system by 

  • regulating blood sugar levels 
  • lowest lowering cholesterol and 
  • also relieving inflammation thereby controlling the production of prostaglandins in the body

Rich Source Of Protein

Whole grains are a great source of protein and some of us are not aware of it. Farro grains are one of the excellent source of plant best protein providing the same amount as a cup of legume or beans would have. If you are working towards cutting down the number of animal products that you may be eating, for example, meat.  

Well, you will be happy to know that the same amount of nutrition you were once deriving from meat can be obtained from a regular intake of farro grains. However, do not overeat them. A half-cup of cooked farro grains can be shared with two persons of equal amounts. 

Vitamin B Complex Nutrients

Farro grains have multiple vitamin b complex nutrient, that includes the richest source of vitamin b3 niacin. Niacin is known for its addition to improving metabolic health and the conversion of carbohydrates, cholesterol fats and proteins that we eat, into energy and only passing out the roughage in the stool. 

Vitamin b complex nutrients are great sources of improving brain health, conducting neurotransmitter function and support in the central nervous system. They are the primary sources of energy production in the body. Vitamin b2 in farro grains is required for reproductive capabilities.


It is quite a misconception that only cruciferous vegetable legumes and other fruits are high antioxidants food items available. Farro grains are filled with antioxidants especially called lignans. These are bioactive antioxidants which are non-nutrient, non-caloric phenolic plant compounds known especially for their protective effect when consumed and metabolized by the intestinal bacteria. 

Lignans are associated with positive reactions of c reactive protein thereby having an impact on reducing the effect of plasma total and the low-density lipoprotein, cholesterol low blood pressure levels and overall reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The Takeaway

Being one of the highest sources of nutrients and plant-based antioxidants farro grains should not be missed out when challenging yourself with a nutritious diet. The presence of magnesium, zinc, and iron in farro grains helps in improving energy production preventing anemia and also brain function. 

Farro grains help in cellular functions and DNA facilitation The magnesium in these grains are crucial electrolytes with numerous benefits such as preventing 

  • muscle cramps 
  • postmenstrual syndrome and 
  • inducing better sleep 

For those suffering from magnesium and zinc deficiency, make sure to include the grains even though they have carbohydrates and some amount of gluten, they are still healthier than other gluten-free grains.


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