Some Unknown Health Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is the oil which is derived from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia and is obtained by passing a current of steam through the fresh leaves and terminal branches. When it cools downs, gets separated from the water and is ready for use. 

For centuries, tea tree oil is used for medicinal purposes and multiple studies have confirmed that the benefits of tea tree oil are due to its antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory agents. Tea tree oil is commonly used and is widely recommended by complementary and alternative medicine practitioner. 

It contains various monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and aromatic compounds. It is strongly believed that monoterpenes are primarily responsible for antimicrobial activity of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is generally non toxic and non irritating to the skin. It is known to be highly beneficial and is widely used to alleviate inflammation from the body. Tea tree oil contains more than 100 naturally occurring compounds and the main constituent of this oil is terpenoids. 

Tea tree oil has been known to be associated with many health benefits and here are some of the benefits:

Skin Disorders  

Tea tree oil is considered to be an amazing product that can help in keeping the skin healthy and is beneficial in preventing and treating many skin problems. 

  • The sudden breakouts are hated by everyone, no one like acne. It is the most common skin problem faced by almost everyone at least one in a life. It is characterized by pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, inflammation, pustules, and cysts. There are many causes of acne such as cosmetic problems, stress, and hormonal imbalance. Whatever be the reason they can cause leave spots on the skin. 
Tea tree oil is said to be a natural product that has the ability to fight against acne. The antibiotic and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil lowers the inflammation caused by acne and its side effects such as redness, and spots. 
  • Cold sores is a serious infection which is caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 and is characterized by blisters or sores that usually appears on the lips or skin near the mouth and these blisters looks like bumps filled with fluid. These blisters are highly painful, itchy and irritating and can grow and spread very quickly. 

Tea tree oil has been widely used in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections as it contains antimicrobial activity that helps to fight off these infections and the side effects and symptoms caused by the disease. 

Bone And Joint Disorders 

The prevalence of the development of bone and joint disorders are high as a large percentage of population is suffering from disorders that are associated with bones and joints. 

  • Arthritis is a term which is used to describe the condition or disease of the joints.  It is characterized by the inflammation of one or more joints which causes stiffness and pain. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two most common types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis affects all the joints in the body but primarily it affects the joints of knees, hips, and spine. Rheumatoid arthritis is a  serious form of arthritis which can cause damage to bone and cartilage, resulting in deformities. 
Tea tree oil has the ability to reduce inflammation and the pain caused by it. It penetrates the joints and desensitize the irritated nerve endings. Using tea tree oil is very easy, you just need to pour a few drops of oil in the hands and massage the affected area.  
  • Osteoporosis is another disorder that affects the bones and is characterized by inflammation. The bones in this disease becomes very weak to an extent that the risk of fracture highly increases, following short fall. Tea tree oil can help in reducing the pain caused by it. 

Sinusitis is a condition which occurs when the sinuses that are adjacent to the nose are inflamed due to an infection caused by bacteria and virus. Sinusitis is of two types - acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis. Acute sinusitis is an inflammation and infection occurring in one or more of the paranasal sinuses. Most often it occurs due to viral upper respiratory infection. Chronic sinusitis is a serious type whose exact cause is not known but could occur due to factors like mucociliary dysfunction, mucostasis, hypoxia, and release of microbial products. 

The anti-inflammatory property of tea tree can help in improving the symptoms associated with sinusitis. Steam is considered to be an effective way to relieve from sinusitis pressure as it can help to open passages. Tea tree oil can increase the effectiveness of the stream. Add 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil in the steamer or vaporizer. 

Bladder Infection 

When an infection occurs in urinary bladder, it is known as a bladder infection. It is a serious infection which is associated with many symptoms such as painful urination, back pain, urge to urinate but cannot and fever. Research suggests that females are twice more likely to suffer from bladder infection as compared to that of males. Tea tree oil contains many properties (such as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory) that can help in treating the infection. Bladder infections are not new and are very common among people, especially women. 

Tea tree oil is an oil that contains many health benefits. The above explained are just some of the benefits that it can have on a person. It is an oil that can be easily available in the market or on any online drug store.   

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