4 Healthcare Tips For Lengthy Life Of Your Beloved Dog

Anyone who hasn’t had an experience of petting a dog has missed out on a whole different world. The ones who have lived the experience will tell you that a dog enters a house like a normal pet and soon turns into a family we can’t imagine our life without. And when they leave, they leave behind a hollow space of trust, love and loyalty which no form of human indulgence can fill. You cry and your champ cries with you. You laugh and he laughs with you. Even if you lead him to a dark pit where the fall never ends, he will still take a leap of faith with the belief that you shall catch him. And that is the amount of true love that no human but only dog can invest in you. You don’t mind rolling on the floor and being goofy with them because you know, they can do it better than you.

When someone gives you so much that will probably take a lifetime to repay, the least you can do is provide them with the care and maintenance they deserve. If you know the value of having a dog as a family member, you probably aim to shower your little buddy with unparallel attention to make the short life he lives, a healthy and fit one (life span of dogs is so unfair).

Online Drug Pharmacy has compiled the best petcare suggestions which will definitely result in putting a perpetual grin under the round nose that can smell your presence no matter where you hide. 

1. Healthy Diet For Those Pointy Bites

Finding the perfect dog food can be a serious task. Ask a dog lover and he/she shall tell you how many hours even days are spent finding the food that is exactly made for your fighter. In order to find the perfect diet for your dog, you will have to take multiple steps. To begin with, analyse the factors like age, behaviour pattern, energy level, reproductive status, in short, the overall health of your dog. The average calorie intake required by each dog is different depending on the aforementioned factors. Disparities in the number of calories consumed and the number of calories needed can result in health problems. Adult and senior dogs require less calorie intake as compared to mothers who are lactating and puppies. Similarly, dogs who belong to a more energetic breed needs more calorie intake as compared to the ones who are slothful in nature. It all depends on how many calories your little one burns in a day. 

To be more accurate and mathematical with the calorie requirements of your dog, here is the formula derived by Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition (WCPN).

Calorie Requirement  = 90*Bodyweight(0.75)

Please note that the bodyweight mentioned here is to be taken in kilograms.

The above-mentioned formula is to find out the calorie intake of an inactive adult or senior dog. The table below shall help you in finding out the calorie requirement of the suitable category of your dog-

Suitable category Activity hours per day Formula
Senior and inactive dogs(low intensity) Less than 3 hours 90*Bodyweight(0.75)
Normal/Common dogs(low intensity but comparatively higher than the first category) Less than 3 hours 110*Bodyweight(0.75)
Active dogs(generally high intensity) 1 to 3 hours  125*Bodyweight(0.75)
Highly active dogs(mostly high intensity) 3 to 6 hours  175*Bodyweight(0.75)

Once you have identified the right amount of calories for your dog based on the category he falls in, the next step is to go out and read the labels on the food packaging carefully. There is a secret code system that runs behind the content on the label of the dog food. Learn how to calculate the correct amount of nutrition actually present in the food and then take further decision. 

Read the ingredients carefully and pick the food that says ‘Chicken’ or ‘Meat’ as the first ingredient. Such foods are rich in water content and also, non-veg diet is the best diet for the dogs. Avoid food with grains as an ingredient if your dog has any sort of allergy. 

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2. Clean Dogs Are More Cuddleable

Dogs are naive. They’ll smell like trash and take pleasure in it. It is you and others around them who bear the pain of a stinking pet. Therefore, keeping your champ clean is an essential chore when it comes to sharing your life with a pet. Let's begin with bad breath. They don’t bother to brush their teeth but they are definitely bothered to eat as and when they find a feed. 

It's your responsibility to brush your dog’s teeth daily and give them chewable items that are specifically designed to eliminate bad breath. Search for items that contain chlorophyll, cinnamon and clove. Wheatgrass contains raw chlorophyll and therefore it's a good option to eliminate bad breath in your pet. 

For the day, keep the dog wipes or baby wipes handy for the time as soon as you spot dirt on your dog. It not only makes the cleaning more convenient but also leaves a fragrant factor on the coat of the dog. While giving your loved one a shower, add a little bit of baking soda or cornstarch to make the process more effective. 

Make sure to clean their bed daily and brush their hair coat so as to avoid the breeding of leeches. Also, watch out for hygiene in the ear since this spot of dog’s body is often a secret breeding spot of diseases.

3. Don’t Let Them Rove Like A Roadside Romeo

Dogs are often named Romeo but that certainly doesn’t mean that you will make them one. Train them to not go to dirty places since they are little pups. Keep a check on them while you leave them open in the public park to run and play. Don’t let them know what trash tastes like. 

4. AND, The Appointments With Vet

If you are truly a dog lover, you will agree to miss out your appointment with your hairdresser or gym trainer, but not with your dog’s vet. Dogs are awful at expressing what’s going wrong inside their body. Any kind of discomfort or pain is suffered by them in silence and it cannot even be spotted unless it starts affecting the physical health as well. Vets are professionalised in catching the discomfort your dogs are suffering from and therefore, they can tell you about it along with the cure. Appointments with the vet are essential to ensure a healthy and lengthy life of your beloved. 

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