How alcohol is affecting blood pressure?

If you are suffering from blood pressure and your daily consumption of alcohol is very high, it may be life threatening for you as the intake of alcohol could drastically raise your blood pressure to unhealthy levels. Binge drinking of alcohol may make you more prone to heart related problems as well as blood pressure problems. If you ingested 3 glasses of alcohol in one sitting, it could be hazardous for your health. Other than that, alcohol also contains a lot of calories which will create severe problems in your body and can also make you gain weight.

Government has issued guidelines to limit the intake and keep it to the certain measurements. Weekly intake of 14 units of alcohol will not be creating much of problems in your body and keep your blood pressure low. Moderate drinking can help you in lowering the blood pressure to a greater extent. If you consume single alcohol drink, it may cause acute rise in blood but will get settled within 2 hours. In alcoholics, hypertension is common but if you restrain yourself from consuming it, there will be no problem as you will witness sudden decline in your blood pressure rate.

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Following tips for alcoholics:

  • Try to choose low strengths of alcohol. They are easily available in market.
  • Do check the amount of alcohol present in the bottle of drink.
  • Keep adding water to your drinks to make them last longer.
  • If you are drinking at home, buy it with measurement so you know how much you are drinking.
  • Keep track of how much and what you are drinking.
  • Do check about the regular calories that you are intaking.

According to a study conducted, it has been found that the consumption of red wine has shown little bit decline in the blood pressure rate in men with heart disease. It has also been found that the alcohol found in the red wine weakens any antioxidant benefit to blood pressure.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome(AWS) can cause a number of symptoms, of which high blood pressure is one of them. This means that you completely cut out alcohol from your daily life and it could also cause your blood pressure to drop.

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are:

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • High blood pressure
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Heavy sweating
  • Hallucinations

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If you have high blood pressure, various other complications may also occur like gassiness, bloating, diarrhoea, a feeling of fullness etc.

People who consume may also damage the digestive system and may also be more prone to cancer. Many people are also taking beta blockers that are used to manage the heart rhythms. So, if you intake alcohol in your diet, then they can react with the beta blockers to cause chemical reactions that may be injurious to health.

It is usually recommended that for a healthy lifestyle, single drink in a day must be taken. It is also an effective way for a healthy heart and blood pressure.