How are High Blood Pressure and Eye Disease interrelated?

This is a common known fact that if you have high blood pressure, you may be more prone to heart, kidney problems or strokes but it has also been found that high blood pressure often affects the eye vision and can lead to eye disease. Hypertension affects the eyesight by damaging the blood vessels in the retina which is usually responsible for image formation in the eye. It is also known as hypertensive retinopathy. The damage could be serious and permanent if hypertension remains untreated.

Know more about Hypertensive Retinopathy:

When your tiny blood vessels that are responsible for supplying the blood to light sensitive areas in the back of eye are damaged because of your high blood pressure, then the damage is usually called as retinopathy. If hypertension is not treated, then the problem can turn to be really serious. Higher the blood pressure, higher will be the severity of retinopathy, therefore it must be treated as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms?

There are not much symptoms related to eye problem as this is directly related to hypertension. Only an Eye specialist could diagnose hypertensive retinopathy, but still there are a few symptoms that may arise like

                                                                      1.  Headache

                                                                      2.  Blurred Vision

Diagnosis of Hypertensive Retinopathy:

Ophthalmoscope is a device which is generally used by eye specialist to diagnose whether the patient has hypertensive retinopathy or not. This equipment projects light to examine the back of eye and see the signs of damage.

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Signs may include:

  • There might be little bleeding in the back of the eye.
  • Swelling of the optic nerve.
  • Blood Vessels could narrow down
  • Spots on the retina
  • Swelling of the central area of the retina often called macula.
  • Fluid could ooze out of the blood vessels.

Treatment of Hypertensive Retinopathy:

If you don’t want any complications in the eye and want to get rid of all the threats, it is most important to keep your blood pressure under control. Regularly visit your doctor and get the proper prescription. Keep track of your blood pressure. Do not change your treatment or stop the medications without consulting with the doctor.

There are various ways in which you can treat hypertensive retinopathy:

  • Keep your salt intake less than 600 mg/day.
  • Regular Exercising works effectively in keeping your blood pressure level.
  • Avoid fatty food items. They gradually increase the blood pressure.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol.
  • Stop smoking. It causes a sudden spike in the blood pressure rate and also is harmful to the health.
  • If you are also suffering from obesity, try to keep your daily diet under control.


If you have hypertension and you do not want to have the complication of hypertensive retinopathy, you must take some safety measurements and prevent it from happening.

First thing is to keep your blood pressure level under control. A healthy blood pressure is 120/80, so keeping it as a target, start following the strict diet plan and do exercise regularly.

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  • Make sure that you include a lot of fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet. Try including it in your every meal of the day.
  • Since alcohol contains too many calories, so keeping a check on the consumption may help you in improving the blood pressure rate and prevent the eye disorder that may arise.