How are night sweats ruining your sleep?

Do you also feel sweaty in the middle of the night? While it is completely normal to sweat if your room is too warm and you are wearing so many bedtime clothes, it is a matter of concern if this is not the case with you. Night sweats are something that can drench your clothes and sheets. They are actually severe hot flashes occurring commonly at night. Throw away the delusion that it is related to an overheated environment. It can happen to anyone.  Mostly, adults and children are vulnerable to this medical condition.

Some of the common causes are:

  • Menopause: If accompanied by menopause, the hot flashes occur generally at night. In this, there is a sudden feeling of intense heat in the body. They are actually the reaction of your body undergoing the hormonal changes.
  • Infections: The most common infection which is associated with night sweats is tuberculosis. Other infections include abscesses, osteomyelitis which can also be the reason for this medical condition.
  • Cancer: One of the early symptoms of cancer are night sweats. People with initial stages often suffer from it.
  • Medications: Certain medications often lead to night sweats. If you are taking antidepressants, they might be one of the causes. Other drugs may include aspirin, acetaminophen usually results in this disorder. According to the specialists, about 22% of patients who were taking antidepressants suffer from night sweats.

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What are the treatments available?

It depends on the type of causes. First, doctors ask the patient about their medical history, and on that basis, the treatment is decided. If it is related to specific medical conditions, other specialists could be involved in the treatment.

Some other treatments include:

  • Sleeping in a cool environment with lighter and breathable clothes.
  • Avoiding caffeine, spicy food.
  • You can apply a clinical antiperspirant to those parts of the body that are more susceptible to sweat like underarms, hands, feet, back, chest, groin etc.
  • Avoid using heavy blankets or comforter.
  • It’s better to use an air conditioner or fan
  • Practice relaxation and breathing exercises before bed.
  • Drink plenty of water to get rid of dehydration.
  • Get enough daily exercises.
  • A course of acupuncture can sometimes be fruitful in alleviating the frequency of symptoms during menopause. It can also help reduce the chronic pain.
  • There are also some non-hormonal options available for treating flashes as well as night sweats. According to the studies, you could get positive results after eight sessions of treatment.

Men and Women both experience night sweats, but the reason behind it might be different. In men, menopause or low testosterone level might be the reason, whereas, in women, body weight, unbalanced diet, as well as hormonal change might be the culprit. So, it is necessary for both of them to get the diagnosis from the specialist.

This is all about how night sweats are like the barrier in your sleeping. So, get it treated soon and get a carefree doze. Share it with all your friends and family to keep them aware. Stay Fit Stay Healthy.


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