How Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction are interrelated?

How Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction are interrelated?

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction are two of the most common problems found in men. 75% of the diabetic men are more likely to experience some degree erectile dysfunction over their lifetime. Over the age of 70, 90% of males go through this condition. Diabetes and Erectile dysfunction are correlated.

Erectile Dysfunction can also originate from problems that are usually caused by poor long-term blood sugar control, which damages nerves.

There are plenty of drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra that are available in the market which are really effective, and can improve the erection rate among diabetics as well.

Since, technology has made many advancements in this field, there are some great medications, devices and implants available for diabetic men who are suffering with Erectile Dysfunction. One of the causes of sexual issues for men is the nerve and arteries get damaged around the genital area. It could disrupt blood flow, which often leads to Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is often found in more than one-half of men who’ve had diabetes for 10 years.

Diabetic patients must take some necessary measures so as to avoid the complication of erectile dysfunction. Controlling eating habits and with proper exercise, the ratio of this issue has reduced by a greater rate. With all these steps, men can enjoy a healthy sexual life.