How Misophonia make you sensitive to sound?

Does that make you cringe when someone rubs his/her nails against wall or chalkboard? If someone walks by rubbing their nails against the floor, does that make you shudder with irritation? If your answer is Yes and all these things can make you fly into a rage, you are certainly suffering from misophonia then.

A strong dislike towards a specific kind of sound could be termed as misophonia. It could also be referred to as selective sound sensitivity syndrome. Here, people may have abnormally strong and negative reactions to normal sounds that people make. It could be anything like chewing, rubbing, breathing etc. Anything could trigger a fight or flight-reaction in you. It is actually not normal for people to just get affected by casual sounds. Its effects could become worse and make a person seek isolation. Its victims often feel embarrassed. It is actually something real that could compromise functioning, socializing. Since it is a newly found disorder, there are very limited treatments available.

What is the origin of this condition?

It usually starts at the age of 9 to 13 yrs old. Girls are more likely to get this kind of disorder. There is no specific event that triggers this condition. It is sometimes taken for anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Scientists are in the process of researching the causes. Some people might find a kind of noise unpleasant while others do not.

Even doctors may have trouble with diagnosing because your hearing ability will sound normal. Many will even think that it is related to some mental disorder.

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What are the early symptoms?

One of the main characteristics is an extreme reaction, like anger, irritation, aggression to people making sounds. They may have following responses to it:

  • Disgust turning to anger
  • Irritation turning to anger
  • Physical Aggression
  • Verbal Aggression
  • Muscle tightness
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Increase in body temperature

What could be the common triggers?

Some of the most common things that can make a person sensitive are:

  • Eating Sounds
  • Rubbing your nails on the wall or floor
  • Rubbing your feet on the floor
  • Breathing loudly

How is the treatment done?

There are various sound therapies which could help a person. Doctors also prescribe hearing aids that create a sound which distracts you from the trigger sound. It also reduces reactions. You can get them from an online medical store You can also change your lifestyle like get ample rest, proper exercise. You can also plug in your earphones to prevent outside sounds that could cause a trigger. You can set some safe places where no one would bother you. You can find some social groups and join them.

With proper preventions and treatment, you can easily avoid this problem.

That’s all folks!!! Share this with your friends and family and create awareness.

Stay Safe Stay Healthy!!!


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