How To Boost Creativity: 8 Ways To Improve Yourself

In the world flooded with the waves of stress and stereotypes in the head, its a blessing to experience the legitimate flow of creative juices in the brain. Where there is creativity and innovation, there is a downright opportunity to stand out because who has ever made history by following the lead?

Being an artist comes with an unsaid call for creativity and if there is a deficiency of the same, everything can become a distant dream to you.

Here are the 8 ways to boost your creativity:

1. Relax and practice meditation:

Continuously processing information can drop productivity as well as creativity level. Relaxing is like a reward for the brain as it needs to be unplugged from the hectic schedule followed throughout the day. It rejuvenates the mind and it is capable of yielding remarkable results on the creative side. Relaxing may include simple activities like walking on the beach, sitting on a park bench, or anything that can relax the mind and refresh the mood.

Meditation helps to live in the present moment. It enhances productivity, organizes thoughts, and opens the door to creativity as it is known to unlock mental potential through its calming effects on the mind. 

2. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument:

Learning to play a musical Instrument can nurture creativity. Music Instruments like piano or guitar are beneficial for this as they coordinate the mind and body while playing which triggers the creative side of the mind.

According to research, learning to play an instrument helps the mind to think about things in a different way. Creativity is increased when there is a strengthened connection between both hemispheres of the brain. 

3. Read and Explore:

Reading stimulates the brain. It is like an exercise for the brain as it inspires and opens the mind to new possibilities. Reading helps to think out of the box ideas. It uses our imagination while it discovers new worlds and universe around us, which helps in enhancing our imagination and creativity skills. 

Along with books, newspapers, and the internet, there are plenty of other sources for reading and expanding the horizons of knowledge and vocabulary. This knowledge also helps in thinking of creative ideas due to the awareness about more subject matters. 

4. Ask Questions:

Whether it’s from someone else or yourself, never stop asking questions. There’s always the possibility of a “Why” which should never be ignored. Questions can direct your thinking towards seeking the answers to the question. While thinking about an idea, asking questions with “What If …” can make you think about the answers and its various possibilities. This way our mind can provide solutions that weren’t so common before.

5. Keep a positive mind:

Having a positive outlook on life encourages the person to be more adventurous and creative. Practically, when a person is feeling happy or excited, they are more likely to participate in daring and adventurous activities. 

Being positive makes the person flexible as they tend to think in a diverse manner and explore into everything without keeping a negative feeling towards it.

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6. Believe in yourself:

The first step to take is to believe that you are creative. Criticizing over the small ideas blocks the ability of the mind to think creatively. Many creative solutions and ideas are a result of connecting multiple unrelated ideas which may just be ordinary and obsolete in the beginning. Believing in yourself can help with thinking of more ideas without raising a doubt to every idea that occurs in mind. Random stimulation can sometimes be the basic ingredient for creative techniques.

7. Change the environment:

A better work environment can be a tool for enhancing creativity. Changing the desk, photos, and other items around can be a good start to build an environment that suits the person’s personality. A change in the environment depends on the person’s preference as a little mess could be one person’s choice while a neat and well-organized place might work for the others. 
Scientifically, certain colors can also enhance creativity as yellow increases the energy flow, blue promotes openness, and orange helps with concentration. 

8. Be curious:

Curiosity drives the person towards seeking more knowledge about a bunch of new topics. The information-seeking generally leads to a higher creativity level as it sparks a deeper idea generation. It allows the person to notice the minor details that are otherwise missed. The interest and curiosity enable the person to apply the ideas to diverse fields to inspire a sense of purpose and meaning. 

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