weight gain during lockdown

Low level of exercise and more consumption of unhealthy food has resulted in weight gain in many of us during this coronavirus lockdown. And now, being unhealthy can be a risk factor for anyone. There is nothing to be fearful of if you have gained weight; you are not alone in this.


During the ‘quarantine 15’ people habits have changed a bit as most of the people are spending most of their time at home and these changes will definitely affect your health and medical issues.


The health issue that is commonly affecting people is obesity. Earlier people with desk job have this issue of weight gain even at that point of time where they had minimum physical activity. Now the physical activity is not even minimum, and it’s almost next to negligible. The problem of obesity has increased rapidly in today’s world because of lockdown for so many days.


On the other hand, this lockdown also has some good sides, such as people are not eating high-calorie foods at restaurants. Few of them wanted to have a healthy diet but was unable to eat because of their busy schedule at their office. Now when they are at home from a long period of time, they can have time to eat whatever they want. For example, due to the busy schedule, people were unable to consume sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables which can now be fulfilled às they have ample of time.


Eating food of your choice is good; it is important to maintain a balance between your weight and food intake. These days most of the people are doing only half the circle of eating food items of their choice, but the other half,i.e. physical workout is missing. As a result, most of you might have gained weight. People who were already struggling with obesity are at more risk. 


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What Does Stats Say?


During this quarantine, the consumption of sugar, carbs, and alcohol has increased. According to a report, a 266% increase in the consumption of candy in the last two weeks of March has been found as compared to February. Not only candy, an increase in the consumption of cabs, such as bread with 54% and noodles with 36% has also been reported. According to Weight Watchers, a 40% increase in the consumption of baking ingredients like flour has been noticed. 


According to WebMD, 70% U.S citizen and 35% of people worldwide gained weight because of ‘stress eating’. People are consuming alcoholic beverages with an increase of 55% as compared to the early days. The trend of drinking alcohol also results in weight gain. Two glass of wine after the dinner can make you fall asleep quickly, but it fails to give you sound sleep, and you can’t stop eating the next morning.


These habits during the lockdown period have resulted in 21%of U.S citizen and 17% of people worldwide to experience weight gain


How To Lose Weight?


Nobody knows how long will the lockdown exist. Therefore, in order to remain safe and healthy, it is essential to have a balance between diet and physical activity. How is it possible? Let’s see.


  • Avoid having one fizzy drink in a day in order to cut 150 calories each day. Instead of that, fizzy drink consume a glass of water.
  • Try consuming real fruits with fewer calories and more fibre instead of fruit juice. The act of chewing may also help you to feel full and nourish longer.
  • Avoid watching distracting screens, such as smartphones, TVs, tablets that distract you and lead you to overreact.
  • Try eating freshly prepared fruits and vegetables ahead for easy-and-go snacking.
  • Focus on quality sleep. Researchers show a link between not enough sleep and extra weight. Therefore always have a quality sleep every night.
  • Set a goal that can help- you to stay on track. Instead of being active every time, such as you can set a goal to walk for 15 to 30 minutes daily before work or after lunch. Setting up small goals will help you to achieve easily and can give you the confidence to work more hard.
  • In order to lose weight, it is very important to know about your calories. You should consult with your doctor to know about the necessary calories and try cutting unrequired calories. The optimum amount of calories for women is 1200-1500 and for men is 1500-1800 calories per day.
  • Try making healthier choices by choosing plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole-grain carbohydrates. You can also focus on lean sources of protein such as beans lentils and soy-lean meat. If you like eating fish, you can have it twice a week.
  • Avoid consuming some food items group, such as high carbohydrate or full-fat foods, and sugar-sweetened beverages which are definitely rich in calories. For best results consult with your doctor which diet plan will suit you best. You can also replace one or two meal with their products that can fill your stomach with low calories, such as low calories shake and meal bars.
  • One of the best obesity treatment to overcome lockdown weight gain is regular aerobic exercise. It burns calories effectively and will help you to shed weight. In order to burn calories, it is very important to ‘keep moving’. Keep moving means you need to be regular with the physical activity as only diet alone will not be that effective to lose weight. While performing physical activity do not increase the amount the steps initially, first try to reach small goals and then increase your physical workout gradually.