Are you sure you are actually burning fat?

Let us discuss about how you can know if you are burning fat or not. If you are brand new to the ketogenic way of eating, you may think that you are doing everything right but how do you know that your body is able to burn fat or not?


Are you burning ketones? Are you burning carbs? What is going on? We are going to talk about these here and how you do not need to spend a lot of money to know if you are fat adapted or not. 


First of all you should understand that if you are a newcomer then the concept of fat adaptation or keto adapted are actually much more complicated than they sound on the surface. It is not like flipping a switch from being a carb burner to being a fat burner. 


Even when you are eating the crappy standard American Diet, you will burn some little amount of fat every day, especially when you are asleep on the bed at night, you are fasting. So when you burn out your glycogen stores you begin to burn a little bit of fat. 


But what we are trying to do with the ketogenic way of eating is to burn a lot more fat. So what we really are talking about is changing the percentages. Moving from being a carb burner to a fat burner is really moving along a bell curve.


It is not like an on and off switch. So whether you are talking about fat adaptation or keto adapted or being in ketosis, we are always like that a little bit. What we are trying to do with this way of eating is to increase that so that it is a much bigger part of our metabolic processes. 


Actually, you are really talking about becoming more metabolically flexible when you are talking about becoming fat adapted. So when you first start this way of eating, it is like a whole new lifestyle.


It is almost like a new religion and all these new things to learn. What you have to understand is that you can listen to your body. Your body will tell you if you are doing this right. So as you move from the standard diet to being a keto eater, these are things you can look for to know that you are doing it right. 




First and foremost, most people when they start eating a fat heavy diet and really cut down the carbs, they will notice that they will start having some dioresis. What that means is that you begin to pee alot.


It is because when you begin eating a lot of fat and less carbs, your insulin level goes down. And that allows a lot of the inflammation in your body to get better, because the ketogenic way of eating is a very non inflammatory diet. 


That is why it helps so many inflammatory conditions. So you will pee off a lot of extra fluid that perhaps you did not even know you were holding on to. During their first week or two a lot of people lose five to fifteen pounds, which is water weight.


That is dioresis coming from your insulin level being lower which means you are doing things right. 


Controlled Hunger


You will notice that those hangry (hungry + angry) episodes, where if you did not get some carbs you are about to slap somebody, those will go away. And then also just your hunger in general gets better. 


You are just not as ravenously hungry. A lot of people when they are on the keto journey, they will look up and it is past noon. They forgot to eat lunch. That is a great sign that you are becoming fat adapted. 


That you are not having to eat every two hours in order to keep from passing out like we were taught from before we knew any better.


Normal Blood Pressure


Another thing you will notice along with many other people is that as the insulin level comes down and one becomes more fat adapted, the blood pressure, if they have high blood pressure will start to return to normal. 


That is another excellent way to know that you are becoming fat adapted and that your insulin level is returning to low and normal because your blood pressure is coming down. 


Decreased Carb Cravings


You decrease your carb cravings. You know those carb cravings that are uncontrollable, they will get less and less as you get more fat adapted. You will actually begin to have fat cravings. You will start to crave fatty foods and those carb cravings will go away. 


Now if you remember about how this is not an on or off switch, so you cannot expect all of these seven things to happen all on the same day. They are going to happen at different times because this is a process. This is not an on or off switch. 


So as you move along a curve of becoming more metabolically flexible, you will notice more and more of these things. 

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Increased Mental Clarity


When you notice this the first time, you will feel really focused. You will be able to think clearly. That should be a great sign that you are becoming fat adapted. And that might not happen on the very first day you do this. 


It might happen in a few days or a few weeks later but just wait for it, it will happen. And it is a great sign that you are becoming fat adapted. 


Consistent All Day Energy


You know how you used to eat lunch and you would go back to the office and feel like you need to take a nap or feel tired? That goes away when you are eating keto. When you eat a good fat heavy lunch or when you are fasting, you do not come back to work for the afternoon session with a sleepy, lethargic mentality. 


It just does not happen. And it is a great sign that you are becoming fat adapted.


Improves Edema


If you have had edema or swelling in your legs and feet before, your edema gets better. It will go away. Because one of the main things that makes you hold fluid like that is an elevated insulin level.


And as you become more fat adapted, your insulin level will continue to go back down to a low and normal level. It is never going to go dangerously low. Eating fat will not let that happen. 


And especially if you have pancreas that makes no insulin at all, that  is your doctor's job to know it. If you do not have diabetes, your pancreas definitely makes insulin so you do not have to worry about that. 


If you are a Type-1 diabetic, you do not make insulin. If you are Type-2 then you probably do but you might not. 


Now some people like to check their serum ketones, their breath ketones or even their urinary ketones, to see if they are in ketosis, which is another way of talking roughly about being fat adapted or keto adapted. This is a very expensive thing. 


If you go by these indications and signs listed above, you do not have to wash your money over things like that. But if you want to do that, you can do so and be sure by checking when you feel like it. 


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