How to Monitor your Diabetes with Glucometer?

Keeping a check on your diabetes by simply sitting at home is the most amazing way. It is one of the greatest ways to identify,  at what rate the level of blood sugar is increasing in your body and how your everyday diet is affecting your glucose level.

A Glucometer is one of the best inventions of man. A simple test at home can let you know all the improvements or fall in your sugar level.

The History behind Glucometer:

Firstly, in 1965, Amen was a scientist who came up with the idea of Dextrostix, which was a paper strip on which blood when dropped, changed the color. If the developed color was blue, the comparison was done with a color chart to know an approximate blood glucose effect. But it was really difficult to read. Only skilled doctors could have read the effects and understand them.

To make it more user-friendly, Anton Hubert Clemens introduced the idea of Glucose Meter which could read the signs of reflected light. It was able to read even the little changes made.

Glucometer used now a days:

The emergence of glucometer has simplified people’s living now a days. The recent version of Anton H. Clemens has helped them in regularly keeping a check on their sugar level as large amount of world population is suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Modern Day Glucometer is a small portable device that is used to check what is the level of blood glucose present in your body.

How to test your sugar level by Glucometer?

Following steps are needed to be carried out for measuring the sugar level in your body:

  • Prick the needle of Glucometer in your finger tip and take a drop of blood.
  • Apply your blood on the test strip.
  • After the application of that strip, glucometer will analyse it and show you the results.
  • Glucometers test your current blood sugar. It can even change after a few days. So you can test the glucose levels frequently and keep a record of them.

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How Precise is Glucometer?

  • Glucometers are quite accurate but they could not be used to verify whether you have diabetes or not. For that, you need to consult the doctor to have a proper check-up so that you get confirmed that you are diabetic.
  • The best method by which you can verify that your glucometer gives accurate result is comparing the readings with the lab test. If it gives precise readings, you can rely on your glucometer.
  • The glucometer readings also depend on your diet. Your food intake could be one of the reasons for slight changes in glucometer results.

Where can you find a suitable Glucometer?

Since, glucometers are so efficient to use and provide best results, they are available everywhere now a days. Some of the places where you can find a good glucometer are:

  • Medical Store
  • Your Doctor’s office
  • Any medical office

Advantages of Glucometer:

  • You can measure your glucose level anywhere, anytime and every time.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is portable and convenient to use.
  • It is very inexpensive.
  • It can really help you during an emergency.
  • It does not take much time in running the tests.
  • It is not complicated to use.

Some Risks that might arise while using Glucometer:

Although, there are no risks involved in using Glucometer, but if you use the same needle that you tested your sugar level with, or if you used someone else’s needle, it could be dangerous.

Some complications, in that case might arise like:

  • Hepatitis A
  • AIDS

Precautions to be taken before using Glucometer:

  • Using someone else’s needle is strictly prohibited as it causes infection.
  • Wash your hands before and after testing your glucose level with Glucometer.
  • Take proper care of test strips. Do not keep them anywhere. Store them in a dark and closed place like refrigerators
  • Mishandling the needles could be dangerous.